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10 Hard Porn Films - 6.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 2.5):

Rating: 2:
poor : It was not 10 porn films, it is only short clips and it was definatley not hard

Rating: 1:
Is not as good as i think : I really dont think this is a good hardcore adult movie... there are many other hardcore movies better than this one.. yea sure, the girl is hot but you cant see shit. very disappointed!

Rating: 1:
Complete rubbish : Badly made,home movie standard. Totally unattractive people in a domestic setting.

Rating: 1:
10 Hard Porn Films : I found this DVD very tame.Most of the action is semi-obscured.At most I would class it as X-rated if that

Rating: 1:
10 Hard Porn Films : 10 Hard Porn Films would not pass the Trade Descriptions Act it is soft porn with all 'hard' scenes either cut or taken from an angle that obscures the action.

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