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10 Minute Solution - Pilates - 6.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
10 minute pilates : I purchased this DVD purely on the recommendation from the News of The World's Fitness Expert. I absolutely love this programme. I run 3 times a week and I have found this programme to be a perfect partner to my running regime. The exercises really stretch out the hamstrings and glutes, giving them a thorough workout. I found this workout challenging and enjoyable, and indeed I actually look forward to using it regularly. Hitherto my back used to ache after a long run, but I now feel a lot stronger.

As for some reviewers saying that this is not classic pilates, well, I think great because I have some pilate dvds that I never use as they are so dull. I hope that there will be more region 2 dvds in this series released.

Rating: 2:
Not for beginners : The format of five 10-minute sections makes this DVD useful but the instructor does not offer much guidance on position, breathing or general pilates principles, which most teachers would. Therefore it is not suitable for beginners to pilates. The exercises are challenging, which I guess they have to be to make a 10 minute workout worthwhile but that means you do not get the slower, effective and accurate workout that you would get from a class/longer DVD and that you may be after.

But if you find yourself saying that you don't have time to exercise, then this series may be for you as you can always squeeze in 10 minutes. However, without a good warm up/cool down you may find you wish to use this as an add on to other exercise instead.

Rating: 4:
10 Minute Solution : Ive never done pilates before so I wasn't sure what to expect. The DVD is straight forward and the instructor is helpful in guiding you through the positions. The best thing about this is the fact you can do anything between 10 and 50mins and choose how much or little you want to do. The only bad thing is that the movements are a little difficult to get the hang of to start with and I found that the instructor rushed ahead with some of them quite quickly so you can get left behind sometimes, although if you watched the DVD through first and then attempted the positions after then that might not be so much of a problem. 4 stars because its so easy to do whenever you want but as the sessions are only 10mins long each once you've mastered them you will need another DVD to push yourself further and get the same benefits. A great all round buy thats user friendly though, I would definitely recommend it!

Rating: 4:
really good : I am loving it! It actually helps me not to be bored, doing the same thing over and over again by being able to choose mt daily workout. In just 10 minutes you actually feel the difference! A bit hard on some exercises, but practice makes perfect!

Rating: 4:
Well structured, effective work-out : I am a regular gym goer but chose this DVD for its flexibility. It is absolutely fantastic if you want 20-50 minute (you chose) work-out before work or in any suitable time. It is well structured so you can select which body parts you want to work on (abs, bums, thighs, flexibility etc.) The exercises are done at the right speed and well explained - no need to keep staring at the screen at all times. The instructor also has uncanny ability to spot the most likely thing you may be experiencing ..."I know it burns, but...", "lift the leg higher.." and it helps to keep you motivated. However, I would not classify this as strict pilates as it lacks the focus on breathing and posture and there isn't enough time to get every exercise and position absolutely right. Consequently, I would not recommend for Pilates beginners, but it is really good varied, dynamic and effective work-out for the intermediates. I'm off to buy more 10 minute solutions.

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