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20 XXX Hardcore Porn Films (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk) - 24.99

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.0):

Rating: 1:
Hard core? You must be joking! : I feel cheated by this purchase. 'Hardcore' is frankly the wrong word for what is just a collection of edited American groan sessions: hardly any pubes let alone erections or penetration. Pathetic.

Rating: 5:
Porn: the silent killer. : When you think about it, this really is great value for money. I mean, really. 20 DVD's? For just 17.99 + P&P?! That's daylight robbery I tells ya. These films are of such high production values that they easily lean again Lord of the Rings in my collection of porn. Porn is awesome, as we all know. I also like beer, cigarettes and truckin'. The cheaper the porn the better is what my dad used to say, before he was crushed by his collection of high quality pornographic DVD's such as these.

I can only hope, that I die in such an honerable fashion.... I personally have bought 18 copies of the same dvd's..... just for kick's. I'm that kinda guy.... BUT I'M NOT A PERVERT!

Rating: 2:
Save your money : This is about as hardcore as tea with my granny. If you want close ups of all the action you will be disappointed - all you get is lots of shots of women moaning with pleasure without seeing what it is that is pleasuring them. All the fun stuff is edited out beyond belief. A complete waste of time.

Rating: 4:
Perfeck : A great one to hide from the missus in your sock drawer and at about 15 miutes per cracking one out that means I get 92 monkey spanking sessions until Have to, just have to buy another one. Ahhh the joys of Married life. Brilliant!

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