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24: Season 4 - 37.98

Hard to believe, but after all these years, 24 is as vital and compulsive as it always was. For this fourth series, the rules are still the same: all the action takes place in real time, and the series again follows a single day in the life of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).

Fortunately, Jack's knack of attracting trouble hasn't deserted him either, and quickly, it's business as usual. Starting the series with a fresh romance, a different job and one heck of an explosion, it doesn't take long before Jack is back in action, and he's soon joined by a mixture of new and familiar faces.

To talk about the plot would be unfair, as 24 is consistently a dish best served cold. Suffice to say that there's a heady mix of plotlines, twists and downright brilliant cliffhangers. Perhaps the cocktail isn't as fresh as it once was, and there are moments where you can't help but feel that plausibility is being stretched a little too far. But accepting that is part and parcel of the 24 experience, and arguably part of the fun.

That's because even as it approaches its final stages, 24: Series 4 maintains a tremendous momentum and level of intrigue, and by the time the clock ticks for the last time at the end of the 24th episode, odds are you'll be thirsting for more. Bluntly, in spite of its flaws, 24 remains one of the most essential shows currently on television--and this series offers ample evidence why.--Simon Brew

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
all that jack is missing is a cape with ctu on it : season 4 of the emmy award winning show once again decides against continuing on from where the previous season leaves off,i suppose that makes sense or else the show would be called 48 as in two days worth of events,this series kicks off 18 months after the events of series three and within the ctu and jack bauer there have been changes but they will all combine again as terrorists kidnap the secretary of defence along with his daughter and jack bauer heads up the rescue team.
Regular readers of my reviews and in particular the previous 24 reviews may well cry out that each analysis of 24 sounds the same,in some ways you are right,jack must save america from terrorists and the counter terrorist unit (ctu) are there to back him up and figure things out and try and stay ahead of the villain,but for all of that the tension is unrelenting and the twists are individual and the quality hasnt dropped yet.
Season 4 has a bigger budget than before and there is more action than before in my estimation,we also see just how far jack will go to save his country,the word patriot sums up jack indeed.
The series introduces new characters and some old faces grace the screen again,some will say that the show is too pro american and far too anti eastern europe and all of that,but be fair,this is television,drop a bit of reality here folks.
This is a glorious series,packed with punches and vitirol,its cagey,dramatic,sometimes funny,always edgy,could you want for more,seems here that some do,i dont.

Rating: 4:
Impressive 24 : I thought the script was excellent. There were lots of twist and turns within the plots; It kept me on the edge of my seat. It was good to see David Palmer back in the office again.

Rating: 5:
Another tough day for Jack : Well its day 4, and Jack actually starts the day in a suit!, but dont worry its not long before hes got his body armour back on and chasing terrorists. This season introduces some interesting new characters and hold on to some of the ones we love too. The plot in this season is more political and thats not a bad thing as its a dam good plot. This is not the best season of 24 but its still better than anything else on TV, its 24!

Rating: 1:
Simply dreadful, cliched and superficial : I WAS a huge fan of 24, before I sat down to watch Season 4. What rot this is. The program has sunk to the depths of representing such OTT Americano BS. Can we please have some bad guys who are NOT Middle Eastern/Arabic/Islamic for starters ?(They don't all hate the US) Can we also not have the lead charecter running around torturing innocent people willy-nilly and then spending the rest of the episodes justifying it with superficial plot-lines dripping with racial stereotypes? I get it that Keifer Sutherland is a significant contributor to the Republican Party and a supporter of GW Bush and his insane foreign policy agenda, but even as exec producer, he could have refrained from drowining this series of 24 in Republican politics (there's even a subtle anti-gay sentiment in the last few episodes with Sec Heller's son).

Scripting-wise: Too many random and tenuous episode fillers, not enough continuity from earlier episodes, too many expendable extras playing CTU agents (one per episode, who goes out with Jack on a mission and gets shot first - another 70s-style cliche), and finally what a flimsy end - felt like the bad guys actually won.

I'd give it NO stars if that was an option. My advice, 5 sounds's better - skip directly to it from 3 and lets pretend this one doesn't exist.

Rating: 1:
Dreadful. : First let me say I was a huge fan of the show - Series 1 and 2 were breathtaking, 3 dropped off a bit but still held your attention. 4 however was simply apalling - where to begin...?

1. It doesn't help with the series not starting off where the last one finished - new characters and relationships introduced with no explanation.

2. Characters you couldn't care less about - generating no empathy with the viewer.

3. The plot line(s) simply ridiculous - previous series you could live with some of the nonsense but this series - you got to be kidding. The Producers obviously trying to make up for lack of suspense by just throwing in as many potential disasters as ever. Oh - a nuclear reactor melts down but its quickly swept to one side...

4. Plot lines constantly simply abandoned (what happened to the Araz boy, heads of Marwans company etc etc).

5. Few if any suspenseful endings.

I had to watch to the end but it was like pulling teeth - such a shame as the series had become one of all my all time fav's. No way will 5 be making its way into my lounge at home...

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