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24: Series 3 - 28.97

There's not one cougar to be found in 24's dynamic third season, and that's good news for everyone. After Jack Bauer's daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) survived hokey hazards in season 2, she's now a full-time staffer at CTU, the L.A.-based intelligence beehive that's abuzz once again--three years after the events of "Day Two"--when a vengeful terrorist threatens to release a lethal virus that could wipe out much of the country's population. Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) attempts to broker a deal for the virus involving drug kingpin Ramon Salazar (Joaquim de Almeida), whose operation Jack successfully infiltrated at high personal cost: to maintain his cover, he got hooked on heroin. That potentially deadly triangle--drug lords, addiction, and bioterrorism on a massive scale--sets the 24-hour clock ticking in a tight, action-packed plot involving a potential traitor in CTU's midst; the return of TV's greatest villainesses in Nina Meyers (Sarah Clarke) and former First Lady Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald); a troubled romance between Kim and Jack's new partner Chase (James Badge Dale); and a scandalized reelection campaign by president David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), who monitors CTU as they struggle to (literally) save the day.

The intricately woven subplots that are 24's greatest strength are masterfully developed here, and character arcs are equally strong, especially among CTU staffers Tony (Carlos Bernard) and his wife Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth); CTU director Ryan Chappelle (Paul Schulze), who is season 2's tragic bargaining chip; and the annoying but well-intentioned Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who makes pivotal contributions with by-the-book efficiency. It's 24's superior casting that overcomes the series' occasional lapses in credibility, and season 3's twists make marathon viewing a nerve-wracking delight. By the time it's all over, with a high body count and the surgical reattachment of a main character's severed hand, 24 once again leaves you gratefully exhausted. As always, Sutherland anchors the series in the role he was born to play. When Jack takes a private moment to release 24 hours' worth of near-fatal tension and psychological anguish, Sutherland proves that 24's dramatic priorities are as important as its thriller momentum. DVD extras include behind-the-scenes featurettes (about the prison break sequence, climactic F-18 Hornet air-strike, and real-life bio-weaponry) that pay welcome tribute to the series' hard-working crew, who create Emmy-worthy television under pressures as intense as 24 itself. --Jeff Shannon

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
class : season 3 of 24 starts off strange,firstly the events that ended series 2 are not continued,this series starts off 3 years after the end of series 2,and that was a strange decision at first but made sense later.
This time america is under threat from a virus that can spread like wildfire,a dead body turns up packed with the virus and a ransom is demanded with regards to a man in prison who if not released ,then the virus will be unleashed.Enter jack and the c.t.u team who all have 24 hours to get things sorted.
When i look back at all that happened in this series my teeth could itch and my nose could bleed,there is so much to think about,so much detail,so many twists,so many times that i thought i had it figured out,only for my theory to be thrown out the window,so much action,so much tension,yes the glory of the show remains,new characters are introduced and it takes time to work them out.As usual this is all done in real time,with no flashbacks or little clues splattered about the place.
This series isnt as good as the first two series' if im gonna tell the entire truth,and there is an argument that some of what we see has been done before,but original twists leap out of the screen like nothing from this world,vital indeed ,i love it.

Rating: 5:
24 is addictive : i waited a while until 24 season 1 was reduced to a lower price and when i got season 1 i couldn't wait to get 24 season 2 but then the way they left the 2nd season where the president colapsed i couldn't wait to get season 3 but when i got season 3 i was disappointed with the beginning having skipped 3 yrs but after a couple of episodes you forget about this disappointment because 24 season 3 gets more interesting becuase the way the plot turns and you will be on the edge of your seat. if you wondering weather to get this 24 season 3 boxset then dont think buy it because it is worth all the money you wont regret buying this dvd.

this season is really the best out of the 3 seasons.

Rating: 5:
Simply the best : Simply to say that this is the best series on the Telly. Its also much much better to buy the dvds and watch at your own pace.

I defy anyone to simply watch just one episode. I know lots of people who have spent 8 hours at a time watching.

Series 3 is just as good as 1 and 2. The surprises in store are even more electric than before. You will simply not believe what happens in this series. It may not be quite believeable but it is completely rivetting television.

The cast is superb, the acting excellent and the plot and pace so fast that it simply takes your breath away.

For just over 20 and for 24 hours of entertainment you cannot beat this for value.

Very highly recomended.

Rating: 5:
Some of the best TV drama : Amazing. Gripping from start to finish. It seems that the producers have learnt from series 1 and 2, and then gone a step further. One word of warning though...if you haven't seen series 3 yet...beware of what you read....there are plot spoilers everywhere...

Rating: 5:
Maintains the standard : I've only just bought this and have watched the first two discs (8 episodes). So far this is as good as the first 2 series and I have no reservation in strongly recommending series 3.

Although the plot is a little hard to believe, this is so well done that whether you believe whats happening could really happen doesn't matter in the least. As always there a number of different subplots running to keep you on edge and most of the main characters you have grown to know from the first two series are back in place. The story grabs your attention right from the start.

Unlike a previous reviewer I have found the picture quality to be very good, and this is what you would expect from a television show that was only filmed 3 or 4 years ago. This is high quality entertainment thats well worth getting.

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