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28 Weeks Later [2007] - 12.98

Put that cynical look away, because the critics were right. 28 Weeks Later really is a sequel that delivers, that expands on the original, and in many ways even surpasses it.

Faithful in many ways to the enjoyable, if derivative, 28 Days Later, this sequel sees original director Danny Boyle (who went off to make Sunshine instead) replaced by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo behind the camera(director of the excellent Spanish film Intacto). And Fresnadillo is an inspired choice, putting together a film that's not bereft of flaws of its own, but one that proves to be an ambitious and surprisingly thought-provoking follow-up.

Many of the building blocks are the same. Primarily set over six months after the Rage virus engulfed Britain, turning many of its inhabitants into deadly zombie-esque creatures in the process, the film this time though sees the American military arrive to help sort things out. Only things quickly go wrong, allowing Fresnadillo to mould a pacey, exciting and desperately enjoyable action carnival, that's got a little more under the surface.

Grounded by Robert Carlyle as one of the survivors of the virus, replete with his kids in tow, 28 Weeks Later skilfully navigates the labyrinth of sequel hell and really, really delivers. What's more, it opens up the enticing possibility of a further sequel, and on the evidence of this film, that's a very welcome thought.

28 Weeks Later, like its predecessor, isn't a film for the faint-hearted, and wholesome family entertainment it absolutely isn't. But it's a very good, energetic horror movie, and far, far better than you might've originally given it credit for. --Jon Foster

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
the view according to www.georgevader.co.uk : Six months after the events of '28 Days Later' and the rage virus decimated the British Isles, the US Army declares the country virus free.An area of London has been cordoned off by the Army and the area is slowly repopulated, little do they know that a hidden carrier of the virus enters the safe zone.....

I have to admit I thought the prequel 28 Days Later was a good horror film, not great, but one I enjoyed at the time but with no real sense of urgency to revisit the film.This though blew me away from the very first 5 or 10 minutes, this is one full on blood and guts horror roller-coaster, great action scenes, strong acting and some real gory scenes (the helicopter attack had me leaping from my seat)

The film looks great too, great scenes of London abandoned except heavily armed Soldiers, burnt out cars and piles of rubbish strewn across the streets.Some of the fx are spellbinding, the aforementioned helicopter attack, jets fire-bombing and gassing the streets to kill carriers and non-carriers of the rage virus, a deserted dilapidated new Wembley and as for the ending.....the icing on the cake!!

Not just a great film but my movie of the year so far and one I pre-ordered on dvd immediately.

Rating: 4:
Really enjoyed it : I love zombie films and this certainly ranks highly. Didn't think it was quite as good as 28 days later. The whole american army angle was a bit rubbish, and done blatantly to make it appeal more to the US market.

Also they paid for Robert Carlisle and boy they were going to get their moneys worth, he gets infected early, but pops up everytime their are encounters with the infected which just seemed a bit unrealistic.

Some excellent scenes, Carlisle 'turning' was brilliant, the helicopter scene is brilliant, and the initial attack is really stressfull.

Rating: 2:
not good enough ! : well,it seems reviews for 28 weeks later are generally good here so i risk my limbs my stating that i thought it was weak,unoriginal to the point of making me ill and lacking in quality overall,consistently the film is inconsistent and annoying.There,i said it!
The film more or less carries on from where the first one left one,albeit with a different cast,society saves itself then loses itself to the virus and all uninfected humans are placed in a centre where they stay away from the living dead,sounds a bit like land of the dead there to me,anyway,when the virus spreads to the unit of people code red is announced and the us army kill around them and people who aint infected are being shot down so its up to our young heros to outrun the army and the virus.
For what it is worth i was again impressed with the manic way the film is shot at times,and i liked the way london was filmed being vacant and finally the helicopter scene with decapitation left,right and centre had been stirring from my slumber but for too much of this film the term,seen it all before sprang to mind,this of course can be viewed as a good popcorn kind of film but i expected a bit more,when danny boyle returns as director for the third film then i think i may just get that,two stars so not a total loss but not what i wanted.

Rating: 3:
inspired use of a helicopter and a lot of so what! : This film is basically one of those films thats simply got 'good bits' in it. The helicopter scene is one of the best action moments ever and the opening is fantastic and reminds me of the first film. However this is not a horror film!!! it is in no way frightening at all and is an action movie. The creepy atmosphere and the sense of a fallen England this does not have. Rent it but don't buy.

Rating: 5:
Awsome Movie- Better than the original : This movie is great. It has some great action, decent actors and an intriguing story. It conveys a sense of fear to the viewer brilliant, keeping you on edge, and also fearing for the innocent civilians as they are slaughted. This one is not for the weak hearted. It's gory, and not even women are spared the intense violence.

This movie is also so much better than the first. It keeps it's pacing for most of the movie and is far more intriguing. Unlike the first movie, the budget here is big and pays off with the action sequences.
The only problem is that in some parts it's a little slow in some areas. But the film more than makes up for it.

One of the best movies I've seen this year.

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