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9th Company 2 Disc Collectors Edition - 11.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 3:
is Ok but don't expect much : This film tells the story of a group of Russian conscripts sent to a training camp before going to Afghanistan and fighting a battle on a hill top against huge numbers of Afghan insurgents

Do not expect to be blown away this is not Platoon , Full metal jacket or Saving private Ryan as it lacks the cinematography , the plot , the action scenes and most importantly the tension. The character development is rather poor and sometimes is difficult to tell who is who during the fighting scenes.

The details of the actual battle are wrong and without spolling it for anyone if you want to find out what really happen read Battle for Hill 3234 in wikipedia.

The shooting locations in Finland Kazakhstanand Uzbekistan are spectacular but sadly the director does not take full advantage of them with any long shots.

A good thing about the film is that they use a lot of genuine Soviet military equipment and several Mil Mi 24 Helicopters, none of that cheap commercial helicopters with plastic parts attacked to them as featured in the Rambo series

As some one review has mentioned the action scenes are far too short and there is no continuation , the insurgents just walk very slowly in mass against the Russian machine guns shouting Allah is great and they all seems to have been shot from the very same spot.

The DVD extras are almost pointless the only interesting one is the feature called 20 years later , with interviews of the survivors of the battle

I do not understand why they did not release a cheaper single disc edition.

In summary an ok action movie don't expect Hollywood standards.Good for rental.

Rating: 5:
One of a kind : This movie is one a kind. It follows a group of raw Soviet army recruits in training and on mission in Afghanistan in 1988-1989. The actors are just stunning in their performances each and everyone. Its action packed and yet in a realistic fashion which makes everything come alive before your eyes. The Scenario is wonderful and captivating. Above all else it's about brotherhood of men cast in the hell hole of war and how their emotions play out in these un-human circumstances. The Russians are true masters of film making and this one proves it.

Rating: 3:
A Lack of good action, but a good story nevertheless. : I decided after reading the reviews to rent the film,
what seemed to be a great film to watch turned out to be just o.k.

The review by "By Mr. L. Matthews "LM" Said to all for me:

QUOTE " I would say it takes a very long time to get to this point
and when it does it over very quickly. I was just a little
disappointed that very little time was given to what should
have been the crux of the film." END QUOTE.

At the start of the film, a selection of young men are picked
to go fight, during the next 1hr 15min you are then taken through
a training program, no action or fighting has yet occurred,
but the training program does make boys into men.

During the last 30min of the film the fight parts are very short
and some what disappointing, but never the less the story of the
film does come across well and is still very much enjoyable if
you put aside the lack of action.

Yes, watch the film, but bear in mind the lack of fighting which
only occurs at the end of the film, but a good story never the less..

Rating: 4:
A little unconnected : I have to say that I loved the framing of the film, the sets were really nicely done and the locations really did portray the sense of what the characters went through.

What I struggled with was connecting with any of the characters, I never seemed to feel touched or sad or excited by the scenes, this I felt was a bit of a failing as the film seemed to be trying hard to draw you into their personalities and lives, I didnt feel it unfortunatly.

Like mentioned in a past review the end scene which the film built up to was a bit of a drag to get to and played out quite fast.. saying that there is a sense of realism right through the film that the Hollywood films seem to gloss over.

Rating: 3:
OK : I'm sorry to go against the other reviewers here but overall i thought this film was just OK. The film, as others have stated, is beautilfully shot and produced well considering it's hasn't come out of hollywood. The only gripe i do have about this film is the fact that it is supposed to be about the last stand defending the "heights" from 400 attacking afghans. I would say it takes a very long time to get to this point and when it does it over very quickly. I was just a little dissapointed that very little time was given to the what should have been the crux of the film.

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