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An Inconvenient Truth [2006] - 4.97

It's not a horror film, but An Inconvenient Truth is certainly one of the scariest DVDs you could own. Presented in a straightforward format by former US Vice President Al Gore--think Royal British Institute lecture delivered with a Tennessee drawl--it sets out its compelling argument about climate change both methodically and entertainingly. Global warming is a real danger, argues Gore, and human civilisation is the root cause of it. A dizzying and shocking array of facts relating to carbon emissions, the population explosion and the disintegration of the polar icecaps all add weight to his thesis. Moreover, we're already witnessing some of the effects of global warming around the world, with an increasing amount of storms, droughts and other natural disasters, more in the past few years. But Gore doesn't present these facts merely to terrify the viewer. Instead, they're meant to shock us out of complacency and into action. Indeed, the film ends with some very simple ways we can all contribute to averting this impending global catastrophe. And that, argues Gore, is the point of An Inconvenient Truth. We have the ability to change our ways, what we lack is what Gore describes as "the political will." It is his hope that this film will begin to change all of that. --Ted Kord

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 2:
Presented by Al Gore, Politician. : The problem I have with this film is that it is presented by a very successful politician. Straight away you have to ask what he is gaining from this. JS Meins below states that Al get $100,000 for each seminar....uh,huh. And lives in a mansion that uses an immense amount of energy, etc, and so on. It's not the first time politicians have been hypocritical. What also undermined his authority on the subject, was the excerpts of him losing the election to Bush, how hard it wasfor him, etc. Why bring his political career into such a vital subject as global warming and pollution? If Al was doing all this for no payment, as a volunteer, and practiced a more simple life, I imagine he would advance his cause. But, as an extremely highly paid public speaker, and politician, the question of openess, truth and integrity on his part has to be seriously questioned.

Rating: 3:
An Inconvenient Point of View... : I guess we've all heard the various stories and scares about climate change, how we're causing it and where it's leading. So what's new and worth watching this DVD for?

Well, one truth is that Al Gore is very watchable - he presents well, with a touch of humour, and seems to coming from the right place - no political overtones (though a few references) or obvious sub-plot.

The data he shares, the points he makes and the seriousness of what he conveys is startling. Is he right? Is there a problem? In my opinion, there's too much going on for there not to be a problem - where it'll lead to is a matter of conjecture.

And, for me, that's the point of this DVD. Whether you believe or not, watch and form your own opinion - Al Gore presents 'facts' and we should take note of what he says and consider them as we see fit.

There is a reason to change, but everyone has to play a part. But, more importantly, world leaders need to lead - especially the USA.

The DVD is OK - the message better.

Rating: 3:
A Pointless Opinion : I was really, really disappointed with this. This is not a documentary, it is simply a recording of one of Al Gores seminars complete with fake "dramatisations" of Al on the phone and Al travelling (he does a lot of first class/chaffeur driven travelling does Mr Gore....hmmmm...do as I say, not as I do...I guess).
Al's a brilliant speaker but comes across a little smug, the arguments are sometimes effective but there's rarely any balance, he lays out a lot of problems - some indisputible - but he hardly ever manages to come up with a workable and useful solution to them.
At the end of the day to stop pollution (whether theres such a thing as global warming is another matter) we need to do more than change a lightbulb. It means halting industrial growth in Asia, stopping people in hot countries using air conditioning, stopping people in cold counties using heating and immediately stopping all unnecessary air travel. It aint going to happen because the weak will die and the rich wont be able to spend their money.
Al Gore charges $100,000 for each seminar (he admits that he's done 1000 so far)and lives in a mansion (which consumes more than 20 times the national average for a home)...he's making a lot of money out of this crisis...an inconvenient truth?...you got it.

Rating: 5:
A well presented case. : Okay so there are some disagreements about certain facts presented in the video. Climate Science is still in it's infancy. There are things to learn and things to unlearn. If you check out the internet on this subject you will find lots of diverse opinions. So how do you differentiate between informed and uninformed opinion? Well it's difficult I admit.

So the best place to start is with the scientists and the facts. Al Gore has been studying this subject for 30 years. I don't believe he has a political axe to grind although there is a campaign to get Al Gore to run for the presidency.

Just watch the DVD and make up your own mind. Check out the facts.

Great song by Melissa Etheridge at the end "I need to wake up". A video on the DVD of the same song too.

Rating: 5:
You must watch this! : Whether you are sceptical or just lazy about global warming, you have to watch this film. The facts are fascinating and scary, but put in an enjoyable interesting way, that removes the doubt. Lets just hope that the petrol heads and politicians wake up and get on with doing something.

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