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Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 [2005] [2004] - 17.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
The Best : Season 2 carried on where Season 1 and the first DVD the pilot espiode lefted off.
It's not airy fairy, but shows reality situations warts and all.
How people react to a war situation it's a fight for your races survivial.
Stories where not tied up or neatly packaged in just one espiode but carried on. Like the story of Helo and Boomer, Six and Baltar the twists and the turns. The Cylons started off with the same agenda but now maybe not all singing from the same hymn sheet.
I can't wait for Season 3 or Season 4 DVD

Rating: 5:
The best thing on dradis since... well... the last one. : The good thing about having a box set is you never miss an episode through forgetting to set the hard-drive recorder or having a social life, and that's just as well because, out of 20 episodes, there are only a couple that do not move (no, "move" is too mild a word), roadie-run either the plot or someone's story arc along at full pelt.

Without giving spoilers, you are hit by a major revelation every episode for the first several episodes, but even then it never compromises, and there are some really dark and even traumatic episodes mid season before the events are put in place for the cards to be well and truly thrown up in the air come the end of season finale.

On a DVD set you should score your review for special features as well as the main feature, and I was personally disappointed to find that the bonus disc had no documentary featurettes and that the deleted scenes only go up to mid season, but even with that I can't bring myself to knock any stars off this boxset. Can't wait for the next one.

Rating: 5:
Renting? Don't bother with disc 6... : hi,

i'm a rental customer and rented all of the season 2 discs.

While I am a huge fan, I was a bit ticked off as disc 6 contains nothing but deleted/re-edited clips from all the season's episodes.

There is some stuff that was never shown before, primarily a scene in a bar where Adama and Tye meet for the first time, but other then that I found it just a waste of a disc rental slot.

That being said, the first 5 discs are excellent - I really do enjoy this show!

Rating: 5:
Excellent sci fi, excellent drama. Far better than the original show. : Picked this up a couple of days ago. And I have just finished the whole 20 episodes. The acting is generally excellent with a few minor exceptions. Special effects are so good they seem real and not special. complete illusion. The series keeps the feeling of tension going right through and touches onto a number of moral and social issues.
The drama raises this far above other sci fi shows which are usually clunky. There are only two 'filler' episodes in the series and they are not weak as is often the case, they just show a different side to the story.

Rating: 5:
The reinvention of sci-fi TV continues... : Is Battlestar Galactica the best sci-fi show ever made? Frak yeah! If there was any doubt about the quality of Ron Moore's BSG, season two ended it by building on the sophisticated storylines and complex characterisation of season one and taking the show to a level that shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation and Babylon 5 could only ever dream of. Season highpoints include the brilliant Pegasus three-parter (somebody give Michelle Forbes her own show quick!), the season finale (with that stunning jump) and the Tyrol-focused Flight of the Phoenix. Pity the extras are lame then - all you get are some (not even all!) of the Sci Fi Channel podcasts.

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