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Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 [2004] - 37.49

Let's get straight to the point: bar none, Battlestar Galactica is the best science fiction television programme currently showing. In fact, let's go further. It's the best of the last decade. And truthfully? You'd find very few sci-fi fans who'd disagree.

What's more, plenty of people must be busy eating their words, too. Back when it was announced that Battlestar Galactica was being revived, feelings were mixed, not helped by the divided reaction to the mini-series that kickstarted this iteration of the show. Yet over the past couple of years, it's cleverly proven to be a tense, gripping mix of action and drama, with a tightly-woven plot.

This third season? It's arguably the best so far. A delicious soup of mystery, relevations, actions, striking characters and winding narrative, Battlestar Galactica is also served superbly well by a quality cast, some quality special effects, and a real focus on what matters from behind the camera.

As usual, there are no spoilers in this review, although it's not giving much away to say that the deadly cylons have to share the screen time with some intriguing and revealing character development this time round. And with word that season four of the revived Battlestar Galactica will be the last, things are set up for a terrific final act.

Season three of the show though is extraordinarily good, a real, genuine sci-fi classic that's going to have one mighty shelf life once this particularly iteration of the programme has gone. And with umpteen surprises to go back and check out, it's never likely to be one to gather dust on the shelf, either. --Jon Foster

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 3:
A mixed bag : Season 2 of BSG ended on a series of monumental cliffhangers. Baltar has been elected President and most of the population of the rag-tag fleet have settled on New Caprica, abandoning the search for Earth. However, the Cylons have occupied the planet and the under-strength battlestars Galactica and Pegasus have been forced to flee. Season 3 opens with Adama planning an audacious rescue mission whilst on New Caprica Starbuck is held prisoner by the Cylon Leoben and Tigh, Anders, Tyrol and Tory lead a resistance movement against the occupation.

The opening four-episode arc is scintillating, excellent SF. The conclusion of the arc in Exodus Part II may be the greatest episode of TV SF in the past decade. However, following that up is a number of weak, 'crisis-of-the-week'-style episodes that the new BSG has avoided until now, and the show fails to make them compelling or interesting. Even when the series returns to the main arc, such as the mid-season two-parter, the episodes feel choppy and badly edited (the result of a major season-spanning subplot that the producers decided to edit out very late in the day). Things pick up towards the end of the season, with the final four episodes featuring startling revelations and a knock-out new recurring character in the form of Romo Lamkin. The final episode in particular ends on a series of cliffhangers that will leave the audience reeling and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the fourth and final season on television in January.

However, that doesn't change the fact that out of the 20 episodes of this season, maybe only 8 or 9 are of the quality usually expected from this series. Many of the others are mediocre and two - The Woman King and Hero - are the weakest episodes of the entire series to date.

Rating: 4:
great third season of the show : well i have to say that i enjoyed every episodes of this show. it may not have been as good as the first to seasons but it is great. the storylines are completly different to the past and it sets it's self apart from the orginal tv show. the storylines some times got a bit confusing to me but what show doesn't at one point. if you love sci-fi like me you will love this show.

Rating: 5:
Entertainment just doesn't come any better... : We are all living in a world where Sci-Fi is, very much, coming into a league of its own. Brilliant shows like 'Heroes' and the revived 'Doctor Who', aswell as films such as 'Spiderman', 'The Fountain' and many others indicate a massive resurgance in Sci-Fi entertainment.

The show that stands atop all of this is 'Battlestar Galactica'.

It must be said: Season 3 had one helluva reputation to live up to. Some were concerned the standards set by the first two seasons were just too high to follow-up, and this season would naturally falter as a result.

How wrong they were.

Season 3 is, in all honestly, television at its absolute finest. If you thought Seasons 1 and 2 of 'Battlestar' were good, get ready to be blown away - every episode in this season eclipses anything that came before it, taking the unbelievable standard of episodes that season 2 went out on to new heights.

High-octane action, gripping plot, genuine characters...this show has everything.

And, perhaps its most unusual quality, despite being a Science-Fiction program, there hasn't been anything that has felt this *human* in years. Truth be told, it's hard to explain the impact of 'Battlestar Galactica' - you have to experience it.

So, to be frank, just buy it. Buy it, watch it, and savour it.

It's awesome.

Rating: 5:
Fantastic season premiere, with gripping storylines throughout : Don't worry: Battlestar Galactica is still today's best television drama.

Season 3 is an example though of when a TV series doesn't know what else it can do to be daring and controversial - characters commit major sins this season, the action is amped up, and there are plenty of deaths.

However, the producers tried to input more love and heart into the storyline, and it backfired. Some of the "drama" feels soap-like and forced, which isn't what we've come to expect from BSG. The producers know this didn't work, so the final 4th season will probably be the BSG we all know and love.

BUT despite the soap elements, this season still has gripping plot twists, exciting action sequences and amazing special effects. Not to mention 4 more Cylons are revealed!

A must buy.

Rating: 5:
Not enough words to describe it's genius : I can't believe that people are slating this show. It is far and away the best thing on television at the moment - and this comes from a student who watches a lot of quality tv! Yes it may have changed somewhat from the story-arc format from the other two series (although season 4 apparantly will return to this) but a show has to change if it wants to remain consistently good. The first part, on New Caprica, is breathtaking, the search for earth reaches new levels and everyone I know agrees the finale cliff-hanger is probably the best bit of script-writing for a very long time. Get it. You have to.

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