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Belly Twins - Bellydance Core Conditioning - 5.48

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Entertaining, fun and a workout all at the same time : I was a bit unsure about this one at first as I've watched other belly dancing DVD's and found they skipped explaining how to do the moves, however this one is great, they go through everything step by step and gradually build up the routines so you learn them whil learning each move. It's also a great workout, it gets your heart rate up and buzzing. Thes best thing about this DVD is that once you've mnastered the routine, you can play it without the voice telling you what to do so you just have the music which is great.

For anyone interested in belly dancing and getting fit at the same time, this is an excellent place to start.... Enjoy

Rating: 5:
Great for below who have never belly danced before : This is a great DVD for people new to belly dancing. I got this so i could lose weight and learn a great form of dancing at the same time, if your slim this will help you tone up alot and i'm not so i'm hoping i'll lose weight and then get to tone up rather then toning my flab. The warm up is great and really gets you in the mood, the girls on the DVD are so nice and always smiling somehow and the warm down really leaves you feeling refreshed as its a yoga warmdown and you don't feel out of breath or anything just feel like you've had a great work out and want to put your basic steps into your own routine, its really inspiring seeing the girls do one of there performances and there fantastic outfits. A must buy for the belly dance beginner. I've also just brought 'Instructional bellydance with Jillina' this is great for routines see my review for further details.

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