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Ben Dover - Posh Birds [2001] - 3.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.0):

Rating: 2:
Fairly tame : Nice camera work, good humour and lovely ladies- but nothing to see. All shots carefully clipped so as to reveal nothing- its all going on but you need to imagine it.

Rating: 3:
If you want some quality aswell as comedy : Documentary style with a camcorder. Amateurish layout using professional and amateur actors. Keeping in with British tradition, its light hearted and not too serious most of the time. The first 3 sets of women are all a 5 star rating, if u know what i mean. The 2 women who are "good friends" are definitely 5 star. You get a gorgeous brunette, gorgeous blonde then 2 gorgeous blondes, together. Happy days. The last woman lets it down, looking nervous and certainly not enjoying herself, although she's fairly attractive. If anything, this last one is really funny, worth buying just to see her face. I should give it 5 stars, but it gets 3 because Ben Dover is annoying, the men in this are really annoying and all the women are as common as muck. Where are the posh birds? If your gonna make out a woman to be posh and have her own boat (its obviously not hers), then a strong cockney accent doesn't help.

Rating: 2:
Not so posh! : The girls are ok, but its the same stuff with lots of censorship. I don't know what the previous review meant by "new relaxed censorship laws", but this is the same style as a Ben Dover film I saw 5 years ago. Fair enough, the action is real, but its about as rude as freeview!

Rating: 5:
Very Erotic Film. : This is the first Ben Dover Film I have seen and was not sure what to expect. But have to say was very pleasantly surprised .
Bens amateur approach to filming as he charges around with his camcorder only adds to the excitment of the film. Everything is very "real" as he chats and jokes with the girls. The picture quality is good and there are lots of very very close shots of the parts you really want to see. The girls in this edition are very hot and the Lesbian scene with the blonde girls is worth buying the tape for on it's own. Thanks to the new relaxed censorship laws very little in this most recent Ben Dover film is left to the imagination.Unlike some films the action is real and definately not fake.
At nearly 2 hours long it's good value too, with no wasted time pretending there is a story line just lots of naked girlies.What more could you want?
I'll certainly be buying another one of Bens videos soon.

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