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Blade Runner (Remastered Directors Cut) [1982] - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 2:
Confusing riddled space movie : Blade Runner; loosely based on the novel 'Do Women Dream Of Eclectic Sheep', is not the tour de force many critics and fans hail it as. I was left stone faced after viewing this movie and rather distressed.
Almost eight different versions of Blade Runner have come out since the films' release and none have hit the mark.
Fisrt off, the title alone is confusing. I still have no idea what a blade runner is. I got to thinking it was some kind of sport, amalgamating running with the use of blades. It would certainly be a dangerous sport and one which I would not wish to take part in. I prefer calmer activities like golf or indoor bowls where there is less risk involved.
The film is directed by Ridley Scott, who went on to make 'Alien' and 'Empire Of The Sun'. Rumour has it that Ridley was a VERY difficult man to work with on set and the atmosphere was extremely uncomfortable for the cast and crew.
Lead man, Harrison Ford has often been very vocal in his thoughts on making the film. Tensions between him and Scott got so bad on set, Ford is alleged to have punched the director, causing Scott to blackout.
The bad guy is played by Rutcar Hauser, a likeable French actor with piercing eyes and a falsetto voice. His performance is strong but he leaves awkward pauses where he is clearly trying to remember his lines.
The film borrows liberally from 'Jewel Of The Nile' and this hinders the narrative and causes the pace to slow in parts.
I advise against watching it.

Rating: 5:
ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT : Blade Runner is without a doubt one of my favorite science fiction films. It is thematically deep and stunning to look at and the acting is overall very fine. My problem when writing this review is that I don't know where to begin because the film has so many elements which are all essential in understanding the film and the many symbols used in it. My review is mainly directed towards the director's cut version which in my opinion is the superior one.

Harrison Ford plays the main character or the protagonist and he does an excellent job. His character is darker than in both Star Wars and Indiana Jones and it works just as well. Ford delivers every line with confidence and sense of timing and basically produces a well rounded character. The acting isn't all there is to the character, however. If you look at the wardrobe of the character you will find that the long brown coat he wears resembles that of a detective from films in the 30s and 40s. A small thing but it helps define the character and brings some post modernism into the film. The same kind of characterization through wardrobe is used in many places in the film. Rachel (Sean Young) resembles a so-called 'femme fatale' from 30s detective/crime films with her neat hair and dark dresses. Sean Young's acting is impeccable and she delivers a stylized yet effective performance. Rutger Hauer has his (without a doubt) finest performance of his career as the antagonist. He steals every scene and even Harrison Ford has since admitted that he had trouble matching the intensity of Hauer. The supporting cast is good as well so acting wise the film is pretty flawless.

The film is visually stunning as well. Every scene is cramped with atmosphere and tension and even today more than 20 years later the film is still a visual feast. There are some who would say that Blade Runner is an example of style over substance and I am almost inclined to agree because the film really is stunning to look at. Ridley Scott's vision of the future is dystopian at best and as the camera pans over the futuristic landscape of Los Angeles you cannot help but feel a sense of dread at how depressing and ugly the world looks and strangely this is a good thing. The fact that the film makes you feel something is a clear cut sign of how brilliant it really is. Scott's ability to make people feel with nothing but images is quite simply awe inspiring. If the thematic enigmas do not spellbind you then at least marvel at the visual accomplishments. Along with the visual style the sound track of the film is also highly innovative and different. The sound definitely helps in creating the mood of the film.

As previously stated the film is highly philosophical but every person should watch the film and come to their own conclusion about the film. It would be wrong of me to impose my analysis and conclusions upon future viewers because you should definitely see this film with an open mind and you should definitely see it at least twice so as to get all the nuances of the film. Suffice to say there is enough thematic material (including quite a few bible references) to keep a philosophical conversation going for quite some time. If you don't believe me check the film out and find out for yourself.

Blade Runner stands for me as Ridley Scott's finest hour. The film has everything needed to become a classic and it delivers in both style and substance. A deep involving story, a great cast, fabulous visual elements and above all the film makes you think and it raises some interesting (and relevant) issues. Blade Runner is one my all time favorite films and I recommend it to all people with a philosophical vein, those who are not afraid to think and of course fans of science fiction movies.

Rating: 5:
Magic! : Blade runner, firstly, is unique. It advises the viewer to be totally immersed into the film as its wide stretch of capabilities are in no way predictable!
It follows Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, a cop in the near future who searches the futuristic jungle of LA for criminal replicants. Harrison displays a tremendous understanding to the script and relates to Deckard as the cocky cop!
Another top of the range feature in blade runner is the music. 'Chariots of fire' composer, Vangelis, creates a score so widely entertaining and fitting that director Ridley Scott experimented with his previous works in future films.
The action is superb. sometimes eerie and weird yet completely entertaining and operatic! The final scene is popular amongst film junkies and creates a special connection between Deckard and the replicants, leaving the 'could it be?' style possibility that Deckard could've been a replicant himself!
In conclusion the film is brilliant, classic and emotional. It will be everything you would've imagined and so much more! Matrix fans and fifth element fans will adore this!
Buy it now.

Rating: 5:
Class! : Sheer brilliance,this film is an all time classic and i would have no problem recommending it to anyone who likes the sci-fi genre.As a young 16 year old i saw this on its release and although there may just be a hint of ageing in the special effects dept it still stands the test of time very well.The city footage etc has yet to be beaten for sheer atmosphere and the two main actors (Ford/Hauer) made the parts their own.

Rating: 5:
Classic Science Fiction : It's hard to believe that "Blade Runner" is 25 years old already. It still retains a freshness and originality that most science fiction films of today don't possess. The success of this legendary film is due to the stunning direction of Ridley Scott and the film's fantastic vision of a futuristic Asiatic Los Angeles of huge skyscrapers, flying vehicles and gigantic neon advertising signs.The acting and characterisation are also excellent with special mention to Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. If I was to criticize this DVD for anything it would probably be with regard to the picture quality;it didn't seem much better than that of a VHS tape. Also the Vangelis soundtrack now sounds a little dated , as does most synth music from the early 80's for that matter.

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