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Blood And Chocolate [2007] - 8.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 2.5):

Rating: 5:
Great : Personally, I loved the film and thought it was really good. I loved the characters and the actors and the wolves were adorable.

I have never read the book before so, I guess my opinion could change once I've gotten round to reading it. But, until that time, Blood and Chocolate, in my opinion was a very good film.

Rating: 1:
Awful. : I read the book as a teenager, and absolutely loved it. For that reason alone, I wanted to see the film just to see if they conveyed it well enough. I was disappointed to find that the film was nothing at all like the book. The entire plot was changed from that of a girl torn between two lovers, her human side and her werewolf side, between blood and chocolate, to that of a good versus bad, "half-baked love story" as one reviewer put it.

There was little chemistry between the two lovers, and truth be told, the script wasn't much to work with. The title was slotted in via a secondary character. Each character changed roles from the book, and some were not present at all. The setting changed from Maryland, USA to Bucharest.

The acting, again, wasn't up to par, but given what they had to work with you can't really blame them. All in all, I would not recommend this at all. It wasn't even scary. Given the 12 rating, you wouldn't expect it to be over the top, but a little tension and terror works wonders in a horror film. This film was very much lacking in that department, as well as in everything else.

Rating: 3:
The film compared to the book by Annette Curtis Klause : I have read the original book by Annette Curtis Klause and it was fantastic I could not put it down so I was itching with anticipation for the film. The film was very good and I did enjoy it but I think that other than the character names and a few insights during the film it bares very little comparison to the book. I understand that a certain amount of artistic licence is needed to squash a book into an hour and a half but was it necessary to change SO much? Even Vivian's relationship with her Mother (who in the film is actually her Aunt) the fact that Vivian is `prophesised' to take the loup-garoux into a new future (Where was that in the book?)
The Blood and Chocolate theme was supposed to be the two lovers in Vivian's life - Gabriel and Aiden. Aiden was the "chocolate" that Vivian liked. Gabriel was the "blood" that Vivian craved, wanted, and searched for. I felt this book was a coming of age story, about a young lost and confused girl who was running from her true self because it frightened and ashamed her but eventually she comes to accept who she is and is proud of this, she also discovers Gabriel is who she needs and wants. The film didn't convey this at all and made it a `goodies and badies' theme which made the story kind of average and therefore did not stand out like the book or have me completely engrossed like the original story did
Like I said as a film it was great I just wish they had not called it Blood and Chocolate or based it on the book as it bares absolutely no comparison to the one I read

Rating: 3:
Enjoyable : I thought I'd write this as the 2 already on here didn't really help me when I was deciding whether or not to watch this.

Overall, if you're in to supernatural films/tv/books I'd rent/buy this, its a enjoyable enough film with a good story line and the acting is good in it. The special effects could have been better but this didnt detract from what was an entertaining film.

If you're a fan of Underworld or have read the book this is based on (or indeed if you're a fan of the likes of Kelley Armstrong) then go for it - you won't be blown away but I don't think it deserved the harshness of the 1st review!

Rating: 3:
it cant be that bad the book is great : i feel i have to write a review to counter the one b&c alreasy got. Although i havent watched the film yet. i have watched clips trailers and read the book. No film from that book could be that bad.
The story is about a teenage wolf torn between love and a family. okay its a commmon story but it looked okay in the previews and if you are a fan of underworld 1& 2 and the covenant etc i would recommend you see it. if only because they had the same produces. Maybe not buy it though seeing as the other review it got was so bad. i'm going to buy it anyway because i love the book so much a must have a matching pair.

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