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Braveheart [1995] - 2.97

A stupendous historical saga, Braveheart won five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for star Mel Gibson. He plays William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish commoner who unites the various clans against a cruel English King, Edward the Longshanks (Patrick McGoohan). The scenes of hand-to-hand combat are brutally violent, but they never glorify the bloodshed. There is such enormous scope to this story that it works on a smaller, more personal scale as well, essaying love and loss, patriotism and passion. Extremely moving, it reveals Gibson as a multitalented performer and remarkable director with an eye for detail and an understanding of human emotion. (His first directorial effort was 1993's Man Without a Face.) The film is nearly three hours long and includes several plot tangents, yet is never dull. This movie resonates long after you have seen it, both for its visual beauty and for its powerful story. --Rochelle O'Gorman

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 1:
Tosh I say. : The list of Historical inaccurasies this film contain's is impressive, far too many to list here, even if I cared enough about this dreadful film to list them .
To say it doesn't matter as long as the film is enjoyable is laughable,this argument means you can perpetrate any old lie ,I think they used to call that propaganda.
Mel Gibson has been exposed as a drunken Racsist,but it's ok if his racism is just Anti-English,rather than Anti-semitism.Surely Racism is Racism.
At the heart of this argument is the simple fact that if you enjoy bashing the English this dire little movie gives you a good excuse to.
The scottish people deserve a better film of their and our history than that provided by this rabble rousing aussie squirt.

Rating: 2:
A shame his blatant racism spoiled a good epic : I'm half English half Celt, consider myself a Brit, because I think it's important to remember the Union which did so much for the smaller countries-one of the many good and noble things England has done that rarely gets mentioned. I live in England, but enjoy the cultures of Scotland, Wales and Ireland also, and I prefer the way they play rugby! I like a good yarn like most people and love my films. However, and it is a big however, NEVER should history be so flagrantly abused for the sake of making a good movie, as it was unquestionably done here. It seems to me that Mel's living behind the very flimsy excuse of being an Australian and so he feels detached from having to adhere so strictly to our historical facts, or in other words it's acceptable surely for an Aussie to be fuzzy about the fine details of a far away country's history. No it isn't Mel, you simply use a trickle of the vast budget you were given to pay independent historians to enlighten you. So, if this is no defence against the catalogue of lies he assembles, the only other alternative I can conclude is: the man is a blatant racist! He made the film with a fair amount of spirit, but really Hollywood should be far more stringent in examining the truthfullness of so called historical films. There really has to be some process of inspecting a movie's screenplay to prevent blatant bias making the film no more than a glorified racist rant. Come on Hollywood, get your house in order, at long, long last!

Much of what he depicted certainly happened, but his hero was not, according to historians, the great and noble man Gibson paints him as. He was as brutal to women and children as he was to soldiers he didn't agree with, and as embroiled in clan warfare as he was in war with the English. Gibson's view of history is a handpicked one. It cannot therefore be trusted.

Rating: 5:
Braveheart. Piece of genius. : I didn't see this movie in the cinema because I was one of the lucky few people who saw the unedited and uncut version on video at the same time as the cinema release. The uncut version was at least 4 hours long. They cut mainly scenes of English people being chopped up into pieces. Now that Scotland's nearly independent from England and there's even a Scottish prime minister, I think you can thank this movie for that. The SNP are the largest party in the Scottish parliament and I'm glad that Scottish people have finally decided to turn their backs on stuck up, nasty and racist English people. As for the movie I hope they release the uncut version but they probably won't. The theatrical version is one of the best movies of the 90s despite the cuts made. The soundtrack is also fantastic and if you enjoy English people being spiked, maced in the face, malated and decapitated as I did, then you will really enjoy this masterpiece.

Rating: 5:
BREATHTAKING MASTERPIECE : Well the English won't like it and yes, it's not strictly how it happened in history, but this film really stirs those celtic emotions if your like me either welsh, scot or irish.

Excellent direction and cinematography with a moving story. After the arrogant legacy of English kings/princes etc now maybe the world realises why many want england to lose at sport!

Rating: 1:
Braveheart : I watched this mainly out of curiosity.
I have found in the past that anything poduced or directed by Mel Gibson has either an anti English/British or anti-Jewish theme. I'm only pleased that he's not just an anti-Semite. At least us Brits can bear some of his hate!
The film is absolute rubbish. Avoid.
The thought that anyone could be hanged, drawn and quartered without uttering a sound is laughable.
Historically, the film is just trash.
However, if you have the IQ of a demented earth-worm, you might just enjoy it.

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