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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6 (New Edition) [2001] - 14.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Hard to watch sometimes but well worth it. : Season 6 has had a lot of bad press. Yes, in certain places it is miserable and hard to watch. Xander dumps Anya at the alter causing Anya to return to her old job as a vengance demon. Willow and Tara break up because Willow is using too much magic, causing Willow to turn into a 'magic junkie'. Buffy is back from the dead and definitely not happy about it and Dawn is as annoying as ever.

Real people do go through hard times and Joss always said this season was about growing up and moving on. Anthony Stewart Head is gone for most of this series and I do miss him but there's still plenty to keep me interested. Injecting some much needed lightness into this season is the Trio. Jonanthon, Warren and Andrew are excellent as the ubervillians and really appeal to the big geek in me. This season has the much anticipated musical episode 'Once More with Feeling'

This is possibly my favourite ever episode because we learn so much about the characters. The final 5 episodes also rank in my favourite episodes ever as Dark Willow takes over as theultimate Big BAD. It was excellent for me, a long time Xander fan, to see him save the wold for a change.

One thing that got a lot of criticism this series was Buffy and Spike becoming an item, I think this worked. Even though Spike is still soulless and technically evil he is much nicer to her than soulful Angel ever was - see season three The Prom. That is until the attempted rape. I hate this. I don;t feel it is in keeping with Spike's character and the fact that next season Buffy forgives him and (maybe) sleeps with him again is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Don't believe the bad press about this series. It is still much better than Season 4.

Rating: 5:
Becoming Human: A Stepping Stone to Season 7 : I disagree with the views that this season is largely improvised and reflects the characters in a bad light. All characters go through significant changes which shows how they have grown and become more 'human'. In fact, there is a significant binary to each character about whether they are human/inhuman, or in other words-human/demon. But a few examples: Xander & Anya's relationship becomes a lot more serious until he realises he isn't ready to marry after Anya's realisation of what love actually is in 'Hell's Bells'. Her character has come to terms with her human side and when Xander leaves her at the aisle, her reaction is significantly traumatic-for the first time ever. Spike's demonic side is faltering and succumbs to his 'human' side when he falls in love with Buffy. This also ends badly, in particular the scene where he attempts to rape Buffy. Dawn has become 'human' and is now adapting to her life as a teenage girl, rather than Glory's Key. Willow succumbs to the Magicks and loses herself until Xander accesses her human side and brings her back to 'life', so to speak. And last but not least-Buffy-who is ressurrected and the question remains whether she has become part demon after Spike learns he can attack her. Aside from this, Giles leaves-a major blow to the characters and how they will function without his patriarchal presence. It seems that each character is learning how to become more human and more adult, and each episode only emphasises this. In particular, there is a sharp contrast between the childish Trio and the 'adult' Scooby Gang. I see this season as a stepping stone to season 7, being necessary to re-establish each character before the series finale. 7 is a harsh sequence of events, centred around The First, which seems to swallow each character whole and spit them back out again. Therefore, Season 6 not only encompasses each character's emotions but unveils the necessary strengths and failures they will unveil in the following season.

Rating: 2:
Total rubbish compared to seasons 1-5 : I loved the first five seasons of BtVS. But season 6 is no where near as good as its predecessors.

This was when it all started to go wrong. I did not find this season enjoyable at all. And there were very few episodes that I liked. This season is really poor and did not have the genius, excitement or tension of the first five seasons.

It seems that the producers and director tried to make up for the shortfall in the script and story by churning out as many demons of possible. In the previous excellent series, demons and monsters are presented in a way that makes their existence plausible, their objectives clear, their actions logical and most have some sort of special characteristics. But in Season 6, demons and monsters are produced too frivolously. There are demons everywhere. Nearly all the demons are either stupid, overpowerfull or do not seem to have any special characteristics that would make them different from a human.

Some of the demons were really stupid. There was one demon that was like a shark, because he was a lone-shark wanting money from Spike. This may be a hilarious joke for children, but is insulting for the adult/teenage orientated audience of Buffy. One of the regular characters is a "good demon". But he is completely pointless, has no special characteristics and is just annoying. That demon was a waste of time, dialoque and make-up. But the worst case was during one episode where all sorts of evil demons are invited to a human wedding, including De Hofryn, an evil master demon. This whole concept was just too ridiculous to take seriously and completely spoilt the show.

The same goes for magic. Before season 6 magic is a scarce and dangerous commodity which was only used in specific moments. In S6, there is magic flying about everywhere making the show appear more like an episode from Sabrina the Teenage Witch than Buffy.

And lastly, I did not like the way any of the characters were portrayed. Buffy became mundane and boring. Willlow became weird, but not in an interesting way. And Spike was given far to much importance. And finally, the main antagonists were dull. With all the money and effort spent on make up guess who the main enemy was. Three teenage boys. Compared to the big bads of previous series, it was just pathetic.

I suspect that Whedon had only really planned for five seasons and this season was made to satisfy commercial pressure leading to this pile of rubbish. As far as I am concerned, Buffy is dead. She died a heroine at the end of season five.

Rating: 5:
Best Buffy season ever!! : I short this season is the best ever! This season is so different to previous seasons and in my opinion better for it. The storyline throughout the season is much darker because it deals with the characters internal stuggles rather than just being about how to fight the big bad. Plus i'm a huge fan of the Buffy/Spike pairing, i thought it was a genius idea really to throw together two characters that are deeply damaged and drained on so many levels but are also worlds apart from each other.
The big bad for this season was meant to be the trio of Andrew, Johnathon and Warren and most fans saw this as pointless or didn't really understand it and didn't find them at all funny but i thought it was a great idea because it showed that humans are just as destructive as any kind of demon and also that once you get a taste of power you crave it, which also carved out an excellent storyline for Willow.
All the episodes are superbly acted and stand out episodes are 'once more with feeling' 'tabula rossa' 'smashed' and 'seeing red' but in all honesty there are no weak episodes or disapointments.
Well worth buying if you are thinking of getting into Buffy and if your a fan then its a must have!

Rating: 5:
Sing, die and slay!!! :

Season 6 rocks!, seriously everything
about it is great!!
Buffy and Spike.
Willow and Tara
Xzander and anya

Bargaining - Part 1 10/10 Part 1 feel chills!
Bargaining - Part 2 10/10 the part 2 of this amazing thing
After Life 10/10 Serously afterlife!
Flooded 10/10 The funniest, also scariest in the season
Life Serial 10/10 Life is like a blood river!
All The Way 10/10 Very good indeed
Once More, With Feeling 11/10 The best in season 6, they can sing!
Tabula Rasa 10/10 Sneaky Willow! Very scary!
Smashed 10/10 Spike and buffy, is his chip done for?
Wrecked 10/10 Willow, very good
Gone 10/10 Invisable? Fantastic storyline
Doublemeat Palace 9/10 A JOB? BUT a death job!
Dead Things 9.5 Very well acted!
Older And Far Away 10/10 Death fels closer!
As You Were 10/10 It feels strange, this episode really freaks me!
Hell's Bells 10/10 Felt lots of spine tingles
Normal Again 9/10 Is it normal though?
Entropy 10/10 :):):)!
Seeing Red 10/10 very upsetting!
Villains 10/10 Killing is so for willow, as is revenge
Two To Go 10/10 2 friend, one fight!
Grave 10/10 the ned of the world!


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