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Castle Of Cagliostro - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 4:
Great fun! : This is the very first Miyazaki full lenght film from the 1979 and it's got all the elements of great fun. This is witty, funny and in many ways very lovable film. This is a treat for the fans of animation films. Like many of his other works, this film has a darker quality too, so maybe not suitable for the youngest of the family. This is imaginetive, action packed, thrilling film that shows the brilliance of Hayao Miyazaki and one more proof that why his the most talented animation film director (and one of the most talented movie directors of any genre)of his time. For me watching this was great fun and very entertaining evening. I imagine that if I'd seen this as a ten year old kid, it would have blown me away. One more reason the respect mr Miyazaki.

Rating: 5:
A very good film : I bought this on the recommendation of a friend, and I'm glad I did. It has instantly become my second favourite anime film of all time (second to Castle In The Sky - 1986 version). The story is entertaining without being too hampered by the laws of physics. It's great for children and childish adults (ie people like me) alike. A classic good versus evil tale in a fun setting. The only minor down point was the way they went their own separate ways at the end.

Rating: 5:
V.good : watch it in japanese with english subs, because the english dubs mess with what the characters say way too much, makes it way more cheesy, and dumbs it down by over-explaining stuff.

watched with the original japanese with eng subs I'd give it a 5 out of 5 but watched witht he english dubs i'd lower the score

Rating: 5:
Great film, brilliant fun even for non-anime-addicts. : A dashing young thief robs a casino, blowing up police car tyres and sneaking out of windows, and manages (Ocean's Eleven notwithstanding) to escape with the money, only to find it counterfeit. Causing an immediate traffic jam by shovelling it out of his physics-defying car, he decides to track the money down to a little-known European kingdom. That's just the first five minutes of this terrific film, and the fun has hardly begun.

Cagliostro's Castle was my introduction to anime, and it's hard to imagine a better transition-- if this were live-action, it would be world-famous. The hero, Wolf (Lupin in Japanese, I believe), is a likeable rogue with impossible gadgets, a bizarre streak of chivalry and a determined policeman on his tail, and if that doesn't sound like a recipe for great fun I'm not sure what does. Throw in an eternally unruffled swordsman, a matter-of-fact sharpshooter, a refreshingly love-to-hate villain, a sassy lone agent and a beautiful 19-year-old damsel in distress, and you've got this amazing film, which mixes romance and action with comedy and doesn't waste a single minute.

One word of advice: get used to EITHER the subtitled OR the dubbed version, don't try to like both-- they seem to have been based on scripts at different stages of production, and as a consequence don't always match up even at crucial moments. If you speak fluent Japanese, fine.

Rating: 5:
one of the best!!! : I 'm Japanese and I grow up with Hayao Miyazaki's work.
I assure this film is the best film of Lupin the third altough Monky Paunch did not like it.
offcourse this is one ob the best of his total works as like "laputa".
It is not like "Kiki" "mononoke-proncess",but,this is his early work and he had best team for making this,Music,Mechanic Design,producer,etc when he made this.
You will find out the essense of fis talent, his tecnich and his story telling.
I think his best work are this film and "Laputa" ,you must see them!

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