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Chained Fury - Lesbian Slave Desires - 2.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Another Boundheat film rules : I am a definite fan, but really hate the UK censorship on these films, go and get them directly from the producers on boundheat if you are like me and resent that kind of heavy handed editing, I want my movies in the original state so I will buy from the boundheat people directly, there are some new ones coming up that look totally hot, these girls are so so so hot.

Rating: 5:
Out-damn-standing : O.K - so if i have only learnt one thing in my dirty, dirty, life - it has to be this; there is nothing more arousing than an angry lesbian. And some of these lesbians are bordering on the furious. Yo, i don't know what got them so steamed up, but i sure as hell ain't complaining. All i know is this, if you ever, ever see a lesbian, you better make sure that you have some chains handy, because these ladies go off. If this is what it's like being a lady, then cut my dick off and call me Amanda.
Gus long gone.

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