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Charlie Brooks - Before And After Workout [2005] - 13.98

One of the most acclaimed celebrity fitness DVDs of recent times, Charlie Brooks' Before And After Workout finds fitness trainer Dee Thresher putting the former soap star through her paces with a series of five ten minute workouts.

Brooks herself claims to have lost a couple of stone using the routines on the disc already, and it's easy to believe why. And rather than, as some in the genre choose to do, focusing heavily on the celebrity, this fitness discs puts its firm emphasis on the workout routines. They're explained clearly, are straightforward to follow, and there's enough variety to ensure you don't get bored.

The routines are of varying difficulty, and unless you're already fighting fit, it's feasible that you'll have some trouble with them in the early days. But then that's the point. And because none of the workouts outstay their welcome, there's little reason not to stay motivated. Sure, you'll end up working hard, but there's nothing on this disc that outstays its welcome.

It's surprising perhaps to find a fitness DVD that has earned such acclaim, but having followed Charlie Brooks' Before And After Workout through, the plaudits are well deserved. So if you've ever been frustrated by a celebrity workout disc that's proven to be more about the former than the latter, then this will be a very welcome treat.--Ann Foster

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
buy it : I hat exercise but am addicted to this dvd. i cannot go a day without doing it! all the section are fab. the high intencity bit is hard work and has taken a few weeks for me to actually make it through all of that bit. i'm not entirely convinced charlie got her body just by doing these exercises but i enjoy doing it and i have toned up nicely.

Rating: 5:
Brilliant workout! : This is the best workout dvd I have tried (and I have tried quite a few)! The best part for me without a doubt is the pilates cool down. You can really feel your stomach tightening and although it does burn its a nice burn because its in the right place and you know you're doing it right. I always dread the cool down in workout dvds but this one is really good. The rest of the workout is interesting to do and gets you sweating and feeling good. Dee Thresher is amazing at keeping you motivated and is really clear with her instructions. I dont find her annoying at all as some reviewers have said. The first time I did the dvd I thought Charlie was really nice and a hard worker but didn't really say much, but as I have done it more and more times I think this is a plus as the banter that goes on in exercises really starts to wear thin after a while. The only downfall in my opinion is the music could be better, but once you know the steps you can always stick a cd on for the workout and then I usually turn it off for the cooldown to listen to the instructions. This really is a great workout and if you do it 2 or 3 times a week you will definitely lose that weight and tone up.

Rating: 5:
The Best Celebrity Workout DVD : I have to admit it - I wasn't expecting much from this DVD. However I was more than pleasantly surprised.
The intro is very inspiring as it shows her weighing in before the exercise programme and then once she had lost two stone. She looks brilliant and I felt very encouraged by not only this but Charlie's attitude which was unpretentious and very normal. The fitness expert in the video is not at all irritating which makes it easier to keep the DVD up.
The warm up is of quite a high intensity so it may be recommended to do a few stretches first. If you are someone who is not used to exercising then the warm-up would be enough of a workout for a while.
The second section is dance. This is fairly similar to the warm-up but stil manages to be quite good fun.
My favourite section is combat because I really feel like it gives me a good workout but it's not impossible to complete. It incorporates kickboxing and aerobics and really helped me to tone my arms up.
I found the high intensity quite difficult to manage and impossible without a short break in the middle, but I think that's great because it sets more of a challenge. This section probably shouldn't be attempted until you have achieved a reasonable level if fitness.
Lastly there is a pilates/cool down which you can really feel working your core muscles. Again, I often complete additional stretches after this to ensure my muscles don't ache too much the next day.
Overall, I think this DVD is worth the rather high price as it is definitely more of a long-term investment than a throw-away DVD.

Rating: 3:
Works but soooo annoying : I'm a huge fan of fitness dvd's,I own loads,but when it came to this one although the routine undoubtedly does the trick when it comes to weightloss & getting in shape,I found the instructor so annoying.She's just so hyper (which is probably a good thing considering her career choice) but for me it ws a bit much (the instructor,not the exercises) and by the end of it I was glad to turn her off!There seems to be a mad look in her eyes.....
As for Charlie Brooks I found her really encouraging,a nice change to her onscreen character in Eastenders.

Rating: 5:
Fun,but hard work : i do this dvd along with my Nell Mcandrew ones. i swap between them so that i dont get fed up with doing the same ones all the time!! this dvd is hard work,but gets easier the more you do it!! music is a bit boring in it,but what work dvd does have good music in it!! i find the disco bit a bit boring after a while but the combat and Hi - Intensity bits good fun they make you work hard and you fell it the nxt day,which to me makes me feel as if i have done some good!! the cool down bit is nice and easy to follow and u do feel ur muscles working! do it about 3 times a week and u do see the results!!!

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