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Cheeky [2000] - 12.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Lives up to the title : If you like womans arses.. This film is for you. Tinto Brass is a brilliant cinematographer and director. "The king of european erotica" apparently. His talents are put to good use, artfully filming beautiful womans backsides.This film is no exeption. I watched most of it with the volume turned down quite low in a locked room, and fast forwarded through the boring bits and rewound the good bits. You know the score.

Rating: 5:
One of the Best Tinto Brass Films : This film follow all patterns of Tinto Brass, even if the box did not say he is the director you could easily know it comes from him if you have watched any other of his films.
As usual the film goes around a very pretty girl who spends half of the film naked.
Together with this there is good plot to keep you watching the movie until the end with plenty of funny situations.
In my oppinion the main stregth of the film is the actress, tall,slim,blue eyes,blonde,long legs...

Rating: 4:
Standard Tinto Brass : Standard Tinto Brass fare. No real storyline, dubbed English even though this time the film is set in London.
The film is hysterically funny and Tinto pays homage to some of the more famous 'hot' scenes from fifties and early sixties Hollywood films.
For soft core fans Tinto proves he is still the master with attractive leads, plenty of full frontal nudity and good lighting.
For fans of Tinto's work you will notice the standard fare of his fascination with the female behind and all his signature scenes are in place.

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