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Claire Sweeney - Perfect Fit With Weight Watchers - 3.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 5:
Ive lost so much weight !! : Ive just had a baby and a pelvic problem so I have to have some less strenuous exercises to do. I didnt think they were that challenging but in 3 months Ive dropped to my pre pregnancy weight and dress size and lost a further stone !! It must work ! Also if ur a big girl like I was 16 stone when i gave birth you dont want to do all that running about cos it hurts your bits that bouce around. I dont feel silly doing the exercises either ... also i found that you can do it with your own music too !

Rating: 2:
Good for Beginners : Nice layout - a little confusing at first but once understood makes much more sense.

Not very challenging however. For someone who knows how to warm up my body and how my body feels, I felt that the warm up and cool down were not satisfactory, however with a little extra stretching, etc, it is perfect.

Good sections. Interval training is very effective. By doing a certain level for just under a week around 3x per week you can build up your stamina well. However, be careful to know that if you are to do the warm and cool down you must add 10-11 mins on tot he workeout time.

Good for beginners and just want to build up your stamina; advanced - try somehting else.

Rating: 3:
Good for beginners, but not challenging enough : I bought this DVD as I'm also following the weight watchers diet plan. I liked the idea that you could pick how long you had to work out and the DVD would automatically choose a workout program for you. However I have used this DVD twice now and I did not feel challenged at all. I think it would be suitable for a beginner but if you exercise regularly you will probably find it too easy. The background music is not the best, and I found that the trainer was sometimes off with her timing which was off putting. The different segments often included the same exercises and I found that they tried to squeeze a full body workout in 5 mins segments rather than concentrating on one body part in the segment. This was frustrating as you were doing floor exercises then standing up within 5 minutes and then the same in the next segment. However Claire Sweeney looks great in it but she does say in the food section that she has been running etc so her weight loss is probably not all down to the exercises in the DVD!

Rating: 4:
Buy this DVD : I would recommend this DVD to anybody who is trying to lose weight or tone up their body or both. I have been using this DVD for 6 weeks now and I have really noticed the difference in how my body looks. I havent been following the weight watchers plan but another diet plan but the exercise part of the DVD makes no mention of weightwatchers anyway.
The exercise sessions are split into 5 minute sessions and you can do a minimum of 10 mins up to 60 mins. This is good for me as I get bored easily so it keeps it interesting. Also, as long as you reach your weekly target of 24 x 5 minute sessions per week, it doesn't matter when and how long you do so its good for fitting in when you don't have much time.
Worth every penny.

Rating: 4:
Good but not too challenging : This is a really good workout video. I have loads and this is one of the better ones. Claire Sweeney is easy to watch, and the trainer is really clear with her explanations. The interval training isnt exactly challenging- but it does work- you will feel it the next day. great for beginners or middies, and the ability to choose your own routines is spot on

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