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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie [2001] - 4.97

As the eagerly awaited Cowboy Bebop feature film reunites the original director, screenwriter, composer and vocal cast, it's not surprising that the film plays like an expanded TV episode. What should be the routine capture of a two-bit hacker by Faye escalates into a deadly game of cat and mouse, as Spike and the gang struggle to prevent the evil Vincent Volaju from murdering every human on Mars. Director Shinichiro Watanabe handles the action sequences with his usual panache: inside the sinister Cherious Medical research facility, Spike fights a beautiful agent, using a push broom in a series of manoeuvres Jackie Chan might envy; the climactic duel between Spike and Vincent plays against innocent yet eerie images of a Halloween carnival. This will delight fans of the series and provide an excellent introduction for the uninitiated. --Charles Solomon

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 4:
Knockin' on heavens door : Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is like a long episode. The director of the series (and movie) said he treated each episode like a small film. He was able to show Spikes more sensitive side and we get to see more of Faye than usual. The series usually concentrated on Spike and Jet, but this time Jet stayed behind. With incredible music once again by Yoko Kanno and amazing art work and camera angles (if that's what they're called in animations) that set the scene. This film delivers on style just as much as the series. The colours are strong and the show is simple, but in a good way. It's not patronizingly simple, but you become enthralled in the story without an overbearing amount of dialogue. I would definitely suggest this to any fan of the series or anime in general.

Rating: 3:
So much effort but to so little purpose : Beautiful animation, incredibly detailed with flowing action. Can't believe there are enough people in Japan to actually do all this work even if the entire population is set to the task.
Shame the story content doesn't live up to the quality of the animation. Actual plot is rather slow and boring but the movie is still worthwhile if you appreciate the drawing skills.

Rating: 5:
See You Space Cowboy!!! To Right It's A Joy!! : Cowboy BeBop the movie was such a joy for me as i am a huge fan of the series and didn't know what to expect. I mean how could they adapt this to a movie? But they did a fine job. All the gang are there, including characters from the series which make it such a joy. Also with the usual Cowboy Bebop style with the characters relationship being casual and sometimes harsh to each other as always. The Special effects used on the film are incredible making the film looking beautiful in parts. As a movie this is also very enjoyable for all kinds of fans. The musical score is also incredible once again from the usual musicians of the episodes the seatbelts and Yoko Kanno. Making it a real joy. Overall the film can be recommended to bebop fans, movie fans, and just the average movie lover. It's a joy to anime and to film. Great adaptation.

Rating: 5:
Superior Workmanship... : This movie got me into the Bebop series and I am SO thankful that it did. It's a marvellously made, stylish, fun, thought provoking gem of a thing. After the dross of UK TV it's a revelation that Japan routinely airs stuff like this, I am in awe.
Basically it's a Western in space but don't let that put you off because this is well cool stuff. The animation is slightly superior to the series and in widescreen. The music is rather fine too (as per usual for this gig). If you want entertainment on a grand scale then get this.

Rating: 5:
Just plain brilliant! : On watching 'Cowboy Bebop: The Movie' all i could think at first was 'WOW'...

This is the kind of film that really keeps you interested. There's not one dull moment to be found amongst the plotting, the drama, the tension, the aircraft chase...

Speaking of the aircraft chase, what an awesome scene. Kimitoshi Yamane's mechanical designs coupled with Masami Goto's brilliant execution of their moves and speeds creates a scene that was so close to real life it was breath-taking. Yoko Kanno's music, too, added an extra hint of excitement and tension to the scene, bringing it all together in one stunning scene. Excellent stuff.

The plot is easy enough to follow, yet gripping enough to keep you hooked right til the end (and what an end it is). It also works well as a stand alone from the series - although the characters featured are pretty much the same, the plot can be follwed without any prior experience of the show. I've never seen an episode in my life, yet loved the film (and will now probably invest in a few episodes from he series...^_^)

The characters in this film leave nothing to be desired - they're all great. Spike has a cool, dangerous air about him, but also a sense of lovableness somewhere deep down. he's the kind of guy people want to be or be around. Plain and simple - he's the perfect action guy, without being too cheesey-Hollywood-hero about it all. He has his faults, but that makes him seem all the more human. His fellow bounty hunters are also done well, we feel for them, we laugh with them and above all, we love to watch them. It's the perfect cast.

And bad guy Vincent is not without his charms - as the tall dark mysterious baddy we almost feel for him as the film goes on, trying tp figure out who he really is, and why he does what he does.

Provoking emotive responses in it's audience, nothing about this film can be faulted. Even the slightly hyperactive Edward (who I was forewarned about being annoying) grew to be quite sweet.

This movie comes packed to burst with action, using stateof-the-art animation and stunning characters to draw you into a world of pure adventure. Awesome, and for this price, you should buy it.

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