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Cry Baby (Directors Edition) [1990] - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
"..the sweetest lump-a sugar that i've ever seen!" : my title (above) are lyrics from just ONE of the fabulously catchy and down right silly tunes featured in Cry Baby!!
This movie is jam-packed with madness, funny characters, and a sexy toe-tapping turn from Mr. Johnny Depp!!!
you'll love it wheteher you're 8 or 80...fact: John waters is off his head!!!, but thats what makes this energetic film spark!!
With plenty of electrifying songs and an adorably funny performance by Depp you'll be enthralled throughout!!(i know i was!)
sweet and charming musical!! (Johnny only mimes in this :( but he will sing for real in Burton's 'Sweeney Todd' adaptation!!!)

Rating: 5:
King Cry Baby : This film is superb. It's trashy, tacky and loads of fun.

Starring Johnny Depp, this musical is very funny and has some catchy tunes. 'Please Mr Jailor' is a great track, as they all are. Johnny Depp plays deliquent Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker, and gleefully makes fun of his then teen idol persona. The great thing about this film is that it manages to be so adorable and cute and utterly sexy at the same time. It's fun to watch, the performances are superb, and the songs are catchy.

The dvd also includes a great commentary by Director John Waters and a featurette including interviews with the cast. A must have for anyone who likes Johnny Depp, musicals (although I don't generally like them, but I love this), and fun, humourous films.


Rating: 5:
brilliant : grease west side story hairspray jailhouse rock this film has got them all.the songs and the acting are all first class.john waters has come up with one of his best films .by the way clock the face on hatchet face.

Rating: 4:
They finally released it on DVD! : Johnny Depp was originally a teen heartthrob on Beverley Hills 9112 (or whatever the hell it was called).This was a lame yet very popular teen series set in a trendy high school. Obviously nobody on a show like that ever becomes a bona fide film star, right?

Along came John Waters, a director of really gross b-movies starring obese drag queen Divine.

He wanted to give Depp a try, and cast him in this musical extravaganza, in which he basically plays the a James Dean/Elvis type character.

Also notable for a stunning performance by Punk rock god Iggy Pop, playing Ricki Lakes dad.

You'll laugh until you cry, baby!

Rating: 5:
You swapped me? For a Milk Maid?!!! : This is a great film one of the best Johnny Depp has ever done.
Its kind of a skit of Grease but also of society being petty about stuff that doesn't matter (squares) and thinking teenage pregnancy is great (drapes).
The good girl decides she's fed up being good and catches the eye of Cry baby Walker, a "juvenile delinquent", he invites her to come see him sing and then impresses her Grandma by almost causing a car accident. After a slight fight which the squares started Cry Baby ends up in jail and because of a slight mis representation of the truth Alison thinks he's betrayed her. The film is cringe worthily funny but also gives important lessons in life, such as 'never follow a rat'.
I'm not much of a Depp fan but this film hits the all time favourites for all the girls in my family, definitely get this film. And its got Rickie Lake in it - its odd but she always seems to play poor people in films.

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