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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 6 Part 2 [2001] - 22.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Still the original and best CSI by far : Isn't it great when you discover a programme yourself without any hype and end up really liking it. Love it or hate it, I don't think that there is anybody on planet earth that hasn't heard of CSI, but when I first saw this one Saturday night on channel 5 in either 2000 or 2001, I had never heard of it and I don't think many people had, this was one of those programmes that I accidentally watched by channel hopping and I just really enjoyed and thought how fresh it felt.

It is not always true that original is best but in my opinion it is definitely true with this because CSI: Vegas is by far the best of the CSI series, I still like CSI Miami but I have tried and now completely given up on the extremely boring and shallow CSI: New York, I just find it more like a fashion show plus everybody has to be good looking, even the main cop, I wouldn't mind so much but most of the characters are so wooden that I am suprised that they don't get attacked by woodpeckers. I know that people will disagree and some people will obviously prefer either Miami or New York but I am only saying what I think.

Thankfully CSI: Vegas is as good as ever. I just find it much more enjoyable, yes this does have good looking people in it but at least they have got some charisma and I find all of the characters in this likeable plus the chemistry overall between the actors is much better in this. I also think that there was a very good reason for filming this in Sin City because to me it just adds to the enjoyment and gives it a much more darker feel and it also makes good use of atmospheric music.

Nobody ever said that this is a believable programme but who gives a flying circus, it is enjoyable and that is all that matters.

Rating: 5:
Six years on, and as good as ever. : It is remarkable how after six years of CSI there has been no drop in quality whatsoever. If anything, it has improved as we get to know the characters even better.

The structure is exactly as it has always been in that the episodes are story driven, rather than through the characters. After all if it isn't broken, why fix it? However, there are some character based scenes which allow us to get to know them better without becoming melodramatic and over the top.

The stories are as fascinating as always and at times genuinely disturbing.

If you have watched and enjoyed CSI previously then I can confidently say that season six will not let you down.

Rating: 5:
Television perfection : If you're a fan of CSI Vegas, no doubt you've seen these episodes on TV when they first aired, and know that this season is perhaps the best out of the seven thus far and therefore you'd know these are worth adding to your collection.

If you haven't seen these episodes, you're in for a treat. Some really emotional episodes, the relationships between the characters is rocked by some big news and it's simply a brilliant piece of television drama.

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