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Davina - My Pre And Post Natal Workouts - 11.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Great for later pregnancy or the unfit : Both of which apply to me. I just got this dvd and have started it at 6 mo. pregnant. I haven't exercised aside from walking since I got pregnant and it's been quite good easing me back into exercise in preparation for the birth. It's easy to follow, quite moderate and you still feel like you've worked out at the end, though don't expect the mother of all workouts.

Only thing was that it was quite short, which may be good or not but I just noticed that I was starting to feel warm with one bead of sweat on me and then it was over. The toning section was great :)

Rating: 4:
Too gentle for me : I love Davina's non-pregnancy workout DVDs (they helped me get back in shape after my first baby after I'd almost lost all hope) and was looking for a similar challenge here, but was disappointed. Perhaps I'll appreciate this DVD more as I get into the third trimester and am more exhausted, but at 22 weeks it's just so gentle that I don't feel that it's adding much to the battle of me vs. my spreading hips. (For a more strenous and effective pregnancy workout DVD, see Sharon Marrett-Gregory's Pregnancy and Postnatal Workout -- production quality is low but the exercises are simply magnificent. My pregnancy workout routine is to do the Marrett-Gregory DVD twice a week and Davina once.)

Having said the above, I still gave this video four stars because it's got a lot of good points as well. There are lots of tips during the exercises for movements and positions that will help during labour, which is immensely valuable. And the workout itself is a quite good stretch for pregnant bodies -- it'll keep your muscles from seizing up as you get bigger, but it won't make you sweat. First-time mums should also benefit from the Davina's Tips section, where she gives quite good, honest advice about labour and afterwards.

**Update!** Now that I'm at 37 weeks, I have to report that Davina's pre-natal workout has really come into its own. The Sharon Marrett-Gregory workout started getting a bit too much for me at 32 weeks, and now it's Davina all the way. Davina is IDEAL for the third trimester, when you feel like you can't shift from your chair without the help of a heavy crane, but you want to keep moving so that labour doesn't catch you entirely by surprise. In fact, during my first pregnancy, I was heavily plagued by hand and foot swelling as well as by leg cramps, but have had very little of either this time around. Perhaps it's just because every pregnancy is different, but I'm pretty sure that my addiction to pre-natal workouts this time has been the deciding factor. Davina's exercises may be light, but they're just right. Can't wait to try the post-natal section when the time comes!

Rating: 5:
Excellent for post natal mums too : I noticed the other 2 reviews were by pregnant ladies, so I thought I would give you all the opinion of a post-natal Mum. My son is one year old, and I have struggled to get into shape, I haven't shifted my jelly belly and I need serious toning.

I started doing the post-natal section of the DVD about a week ago, and I have already noticed a difference in my muscle tone, especially in my tummy. All other workout DVDs I have tried are too hard on my tummy, but this is perfect. It goes through the exercises slowly and carefully, making sure you don't move too quickly, which is fantastic for a new mum of only a couple of weeks.

I would thoroughly recommend this DVD, and I know when I get pregnant with our second child, I will be using the pregnancy exercises as I didnt exercise through my first pregnancy and I regret that now!!

Buy it, it will be the best 15 quid you have spent on yourself since your baby was born!

Rating: 5:
This is great! : I love this DVD! My baby is due in May 2007 & as a gardener, I was already fairly fit, but wanted to carry on with some kind of fitness routine now that I'm on maternity leave.

The pregnancy workout is great fun - very gentle but very varied. I certainly felt it in my legs the following day after doing the toning section! There's alot of emphasis on safety, posture & doing the exerciese correctly - which is really important during pregnancy.There's lots of pelvic floor moves too....essential!

Davina is great fun to watch & you really feel like you are working out with a friend. I will certainly try to stick to the post-pregnancy workout once my little one comes along.

Rating: 5:
Great DVD : This DVD is excellent - for me anyway! If you like Davina and are pregnant then get it. It is a gentle workout - not too much of a heart raiser but the stretching, toning and pelvic floor sections are very good. It is easy to follow and and has good posture checks etc which as a trained aerobic instructor I am happy to see.

There is also a small section called Davina's tips, and as a first time mum I really found that this settled some of my fears about labour and birth and being a new mum, I think because Davina is such a well known personality you feel like its a friend talking to you!

If Davina is a personality that you don't enjoy watching then this would not be a good DVD for you, but I love it!

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