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Davina - The Box Set : The Power Of 3 / My Three 30 Minute Workouts [2005] - 13.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Fantastic : I had never tried a fitness DVD before so I was a bit worried I'd do it once, give up and go back to the sofa! I was wrong! Everything about this DVD is brilliant expecially Davina. She makes you feel good about yourself and you realise that you aren't the only one who is hurting. You never get bored of the moves, music or instructors and you can alternate between the different routines every day. I have seen a difference in just a few weeks I have more energy have lost weight and I can start to see muscles again! Enjoy!

Rating: 5:
brilliant! : I really love this DVD and never get bored. The instructors are great and not annoying like most. Have seen fast results in my weight loss and fitness.

Rating: 5:
Brilliant Workout DVD : I've never done a workout DVD before, but my sister brought this one home from uni and said we should all do it, so my, my sister, and my mum have all been doing this in our living room three times a week. It's really good fun, although hard work, but it's nice to see Davina is finding it hard too and her and the personal trainers are really encouraging.

There are three 30-minute workouts, plus one hour-long one, so there's plenty of chance to change which workout you do each day so you don't get bored. All the major muscle groups are exercised, and there's lots of fat-burning too, so there's something for everyone. And for almost every exercise they show you an easier option for if you're getting tired or just can't manage the full version yet.

All in all I love this DVD!

Rating: 5:
amazing : davina makes this workout so much fun that even from the begining i was enjoying myself! i did wonder if perhaps i would get bored after a while and that i was just enjoying it because it was a new novelty thing to do! but i havent whats great is that it has a mostly music option on the three 30 minute workout dvd so even if davina annoys you or you dont feel like listening to her you can still do the work out and just listen to the music! she has put some really good music on here!!

overall the dvd is motivating and fun enough to make me want to keep doing it! its had amazing effects and i feel healthier and look great! she also gives handy advice on clothes and food!!

Rating: 5:
First work out I've loved from the start : This is the first workout DVD that I instantly liked. The pace is relatively fast so you feel almost like your in a gym class at times. I have done the workouts for a week now and feel it really working. If you really don't like Davina's style then don't buy it,as she can be full on at times, but if you want a good workout in the comfort of your home, definitely buy it.

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