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Davina: Power of 3 - 14.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
It really works : About 6 months ago I decided to stop wasting money on a gym I barely went to and instead invest in a few fitness DVDs. So along with a few others I bought this box set.

I've now lost one and half stone and dropped from a size 16 to 10 and have received many compliments including some from people who I barely knew at work who've seen the big change. Granted I was also on the Weight Watchers plan so it's not all down to Davina but the DVDs were a big part of it too. I feel so much more toned, my body shape has changed and I actually look forward to wearing clothes now rather than try to create optical illusions to distract from my lumpy bits.

The Power of Three is great to do at the weekends - it doesn't require to much room (you can do it in the space at towel would take up on the floor) but I would advise hand weights, as well as wrist and ankle weights to get the best out of it. I've recently start doing a couple of section instead of pump during the week too and that seems to work really well (provided you vary the sections regularly) though the cool down is a bit long and I tend to use the Pump cool down instead if I'm doing a shorter work out. It should be said that the first interval on the disc is really tough at first - it does get easier but your legs will ache afterwards!

At first I really enjoyed the Cardio Box on the Thirty Minute DVD but I realised it was improving my fitness but not really toning me up. In addition, the work out isn't balanced for left and right sides. So I switched my allegiance to Pump which I find a really good, sweat inducing work out and has the required toning effect when done with weights. Again, this workout doesn't need a huge amount of room - about a towel sized area. The intervals are slightly tougher as it's shorter but be careful with the first exercise as it can strain your muscles if you're not fully warm so I tend to take that one a little carefully.

Davina I can take or leave - she's perfectly personable and anyone would probably be a little irritating on the 100th rewatch. The trainers are encouraging and professional though Mark doesn't always manage to count the reps accurately which is occasionally annoying. I do find I have to have something else to listen to/watch whilst I'm working out or I'd die of boredom but that would be true of any DVD and is no criticism of this one.

In short, this DVD is a great buy and it really worked for me.

Rating: 5:
Brilliant! : I'm really pleased with this DVD - I tried it for the first time last night and am aching in all the right places today - can't wait to do it again tonight!! It's a really good overall workout and I like the fact that you can drop to the lower intensity with Jackie when you're feeling too puffed! Would recommend..

Rating: 4:
Ouch : This is a great workout, it will make you ache and you will definitely get results. The only downside to it is the length of the workout it is quite long and with all of the interval training it can seem to go on for a while, as a result I haven't done it as much as I should've done. I do love it though and can say it will be coming out again this week. A good thing to do with this one is put it on at the end of the week, I personally don't work out fri-sun so do 1 a day mon-thursday finishing with this one as I need the weekend to recover. Fantastic for full body toning, particularly the dreaded thighs and bum!

Rating: 5:
Absolutely brilliant! : This DVD is brilliant. I've been doing it about 4-5 times a week for 3 weeks now and I've really noticed a difference. I feel fitter, more toned and more confident. I made the mistake of doing the whole DVD the first time and it felt ok doing it but I could hardly move the next day! I would advise that you ease yourself into it gradually otherwise you'll hurt! I don't find Davina at all annoying, I actually find her encouraging and I love the bum/leg one when she starts saying "and squeeze", it gives you something to concentrate on! Brilliant, get it.

Rating: 5:
Easily the best workout dvd ive ever done!!! : I must say im not a big fan of exercise, im not fit and a bit over weight, but i wanted to change that and have some energy in my life. Im soooo glad i picked this dvd-i love davina mccall and shes brings a nice freshness to this workout. The trainers help beginners like me know my limitations and show u the easier moves (becos lets face it who knew davina was so fit?)until u can build up yr fitness levels. The bum+tums toning has lost me inches from waist, hips and thighs. And i still cant do all those squats davina manages-ouchie?!Im not that keen on the music but the steps are easy to follow and soon ul find yrself knowing wots next so u can have a cd of yr taste playing in the background. I cant praise jackie+mark enuf-if i ever win the lottery im hiring them to whip me into shape:o)

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