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Debbie Does Dallas [1979] - 7.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 2.0):

Rating: 1:
Butchered like a factory bred turkey at Christmas : The "classic porn movie " says the blurb on the sleeve jacket except it isn't. This is an edited version , or rather a version that has been re-cut so all the real porn has been left on the cutting room floor. This of course is bad enough if you want to watch a porn film but the film has not so much been re-cut but butchered with a hedge trimmer.
Whole scenes have all the hardcore stuff snipped out and the remaining action is reassembled in a series of scenes played over and over again with no sense of chronology so for instance the shower scene which at the start has four blokes in it is suddenly culled to two for a while then the original quartet suddenly appear again and oh there's the fifteenth shot of that bloody shower head. Its more an advert for communal shower accessories than anything.
Anyone wanting to relive the experience of viewing again the film they remember from their formative years -this was the first proper porn film I ever saw -or just wanting to watch the thing for the first time is going to be severely disappointed with this effort.
The film can be viewed as perspicacious indicator of the burgeoning trend for world capitalism but that is undoubtedly giving it too much credit as it's just more than likely an excuse for lots of nubile women (Bambi Woods is quite spectacular) to get their kit off and press the flesh .It is a porn classic but this version isn't classic and could hardly be classed as porn. Its a porn film with no porn and as such is about as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

Rating: 1:
Ghost of an infamous movie : The world of the pornographic movie has usually been somewhat secretive and sleazy; few products of the industry have gone on to become legends - "Debbie Does Dallas" goes way beyond that stage. The film is practically iconic. It reached across and around the world in 1978 to become one of the best selling porn movies of all time, much aided by stories of Mob influence, FBI pursuit, etc.

It comes as a disappointment, therefore, to discover that this version has literally been neutered. The sex scenes and nudity have been edited to the point they are almost suitable for showing at Sunday School. As a piece of eroticism, this version barely gets above lukewarm. All it's likely to arouse is your anger. As a piece of pornography, the best this DVD can achieve is stimulation of your nostalgia quotient. Frankly, nostalgia is the last thing you want in pornography.

"Debbie Does Dallas", in its heyday, was a rollicking tale of a cheerleader who'd won a contest and was heading off to join the big league ... only she needed the money to make the trip. Fortunately, she has a bunch of nubile, cheerleader pals who'll help raise the money ... and the viewers' blood pressure ... and, so we're led to believe, sacrifice their innocence in the process. Ah, if only we all had friends like that! Not the most sophisticated of plots but, in the world of pornography, this is on a par with Shakespeare.

The star of the show, innocent young Debbie (Bambi Woods), is also believable. She is very pretty, very sexy, and not airbrushed, waxed, pneumatically inflated or surgically enhanced. She, and her friends, all have girl-next-door looks. They appear to be real young women, not glamorous (or hard bitten) porn stars. You could imagine them going to your school, working in your high street shops, living somewhere on your avenue. The film was exciting, sexually exciting, because it had a quality of reality which few porn movies achieve.

As an exercise in nostalgia, then, this DVD will stimulate a couple of memories. If that's all you require, then it may be worth watching. But consider the editing! It's not the erasure of all the actual pornographic elements which is the worst crime perpetrated by this DVD. To fill in the gaps, bland shots of bare backsides and excited female faces are simply repeated over and over, padding out the film to an acceptable length.

Rekindles a few memories ... but it's cheerless. Bambi Woods apparently disappeared shortly after the making of the film. Rumours of her impoverished death abound. She certainly didn't find much good cheer in her starring role. Ultimately, this DVD is a reminder that pornography exploits and uses people (as does so much of the entertainment industry). Rent it rather than buy it, and pause for a moment or two to spare a thought for 'Bambi' - I hope the rumours are false and that she found happiness somewhere!

Rating: 1:
Beware, this version is edited for kids : Don't even think about buying or renting this DVD. You will be annoyed with scenes that are repeated again and again in order to keep the total length of the film up to the original. All "action" scenes have been erased completely though.

Rating: 1:
Thanks once again to our censors : Like many of the dissapointed viewers, I purchased this DVD to relive my youth remembering the great version that I watched all those years ago.

This was nothing like it. It was absolute garbage. It had been totally destroyed and edited so much I could have shown it to my children.

I bought the DVD from a good distributor. The DVD was advertised quite clearly as sexually explicit, so I had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the DVD. How wrong I was. I was so incensed by it all, I wrote to complain to the distributor and immediately cancelled my long standing membership with them.

All I can say to any potential buyer is save your hard earned cash. Ths is pure crap and should be treated like so. I do not even dare to try and pass my copy on to some other poor unsuspecting victim. I would not want him to waste his time.

Rating: 1:
absloute rubbish : i saw debbie does somewhere else (cant remember the name)that was one the net, uncut and very very good.

this is terrible, shows the same footage over and over again very annoying and boring.
u'd be very suprised at how easy these girls get off due to the editing.
this is going straight on ebay after i write this review.

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