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Deep Throat - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 1.0):

Rating: 1:
Pig in a poke : And you don't even see much of the poke.

I bought this DVD before reading the reviews here, more fool me. And there I was wondering why there had been such a hoo-ha about a movie that depicts what peoples' earlobes look like during what one can only assume is supposed to be oral intimacy.

Now I've read the reviews here I wouldn't mind seeing the actual film, instead of this bowderlized tosh.

Rating: 1:
Heavily edited as expected - so why the surprise?! : The UK is one of the worst places in the world for censorship - especially when it comes to "porn". In Britain, you might be able to say f*ck on tv but they won't dare show the actual act (unless it's for the sake of art)! You'd have to be mad to think a hardcore porn classic like Deep Throat was gonna have a retail release in it's original uncut form in the UK! You can see harder stuff on German television in the afternoon so save your money and get a satellite dish instead!

Rating: 1:
Deep Rip Off . : If you are looking at this film and thinking "hey I remember that from the 70's"...Think again...You will not remember this version...All action removed by zooming in to the areas you would not usually zoom into !! This is not the original screen size...It is the original film...What a let down...Oh Well !!!

Rating: 1:
Don't buy it unless you're looking for an "all family" DVD : It was a major disappointment. Deep Throat is The Porno Movie of my youth... Maybe this "thing" was made from that movie but it is so zoomed in (to the "wrong" areas) that it became almost a movie decent enough to watch with your entire family.

I blame myself for not reading the already existing review for this item because it was all there...

Rating: 1:
Not what it says on the tin! : This may be the original ground breaking film but it has been "cropped" out of all recognition. Many scenes have been zoomed in on so the screen shows a totally irrelevant portion of the screen. This will be a big disappointment for anyone buying this for nostalgia or wondering what all the fuss was about in the early 70's

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