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Destricted [2006] - 5.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 1:
Boring : Oh my, this was so boring I kept nodding off. Avoid this at all costs. It's pretentious trash. Thank God for the fast-forward button on the remote.

Rating: 1:
Avoid, then forget. : Humourless, witless avant garde tripe with none of the merits of modern art OR porn, but with all the worst features of both. About as daring as saying 'f***' in front of your mum, and about as artistically stimulating as painting by numbers. Avoid, then forget.

Rating: 1:
Film-making at its direst. : This movie is a first for me - the first time I've seen a movie totally devoid of merit of any kind (and, boy, have I seen some avant-garde cinematic ordure in my time!) It's a compendium of shorts that are weird, witless and worst of all - given the explicit content - excrutiatingly boring. I've given it one star because Amazon doesn't allow none. If you must, rent the movie but don't say I didn't warn you.

Rating: 5:
Larry Clark Extraordinaire : There are many beautiful and interesting things in Destricted, but Larry Clark's contribution is surely the best of the lot. He is an extraordinary people watcher, he presents his subjects with such raw honesty and joy that it's impossible not to be fascinated by them. His cinematography as usual is glorious and his film alone is worth the price of the dvd. Matthew Barney's is also very beautiful, strange and poetic.

Rating: 5:
Strong Stuff : I bought this DVD and can safely say it is the most explicit thing I have ever seen passed with an 18 certificiate.

Seven artists have made a short film each based on art and pornography. Larry Clark's is the best - a 38 minute film where Larry interviews a group of boys about their pornography viewing habits, before selecting one to have sex on camera with a porn star. Of the five girls, the young lad selects his favourite (the oldest woman there) and proceeds to live his dream as Larry films the event, warts and all.

Sync is good, as is Balkan Erotic, whilst Hoist and Gaspar Noe's segments are tough to watch, but never less than compelling.

Much more than explotiation, Destricted actually has a lot of validity in presenting its varied range of sexual imagery (is masturbation good?), and I'm sure it will become a huge talking point in weeks to cum...

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