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Die Hard Trilogy (6 Disc Collector's Edition) [1988] - 12.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
What a Blast : Action does not come any better than die hard, none stop edge of the seat action, clever plots and of course bruce willis. Definitely his finest work i think to date, Big budget and superb casting make this boxset brilliant fun, plus you get all the extras on the discs which are great viewing and the price makes this a bargain, buy it now! terrific.

Rating: 5:
Die Hard if you don't view any of these quality movies : I must admit, i am a late comer to the Die Hard movies but after watching them recently i realise how mint they are. Weird as it is i prefer the second to the first film, but that will probably change in time. Bruce Willis is brilliant and a more than worthy rival to other action movie heroes such as Mission Impossible films and James Bond films. It's good that Die Hard returned recently and it may well give us more in the future which can only be good. Definately worth a look, especially when this cheap.

Rating: 3:
die hard should have died hard after 1 : die hard 1: 5 stars! die hard 2: 2 stars. die hard 3:1 star. watch number 1, ignore the rest. the boxset deserves 3 stars because of the sheer force of the greatness of the original. john Mclean probably should have died at the end to make sure no bad sequels could made! joey, ross and chandler got it right when they wathced DIE HARD WHOOO in friends and used the better option, instead of watching die hard 2, just watched die hard 1 again! thats my advice, watch one, bin the rest. extras are good though!

Rating: 5:
Excellent all round package : This DVD 6 disc set is really well put together. The films are obviously great (particularly the first one) but the special features here are as good as anything you'll find on any DVD. There's some excellent multi angle viewing features where you can reshoot some of the great scenes (Takagi's execution being one) from different angles. The interactive menu's are impressive too. There's so much good stuff here that I can't recommend it highly enough. A set so comprehensive, that it does more than justice to the films.

Rating: 4:
Now I have a box set...ho ho ho : It is one of the great mysteries of our time, up there with `why does the toast always land butter-side down' or `why do the really big direct-debits hit my account just before I get paid and have no money in it?' Why are the Die Hard sequels not as good as the first one? Much as we love them, cherish them, we know in our heart of hearts that they just don't quite reach the fab-ness of movie numero uno.

`Die Hard II - Die Harder' established the problem clearly: how can you spend more money doing the same thing but bigger, and yet still have lesser results? Bruce is still there, still kicking ass, still `Yippee Kaya-ing' and the effects are still great. Plus - the old Hollywood failsafe (at least for me!): it's still set at Christmas time. Money in the bank, right? Hmm...

I think the answer must be this: the problem lies with the relatively unrepeatable scenario and story of the first film. It is both blessing and curse in one. Whilst brilliant, well acted, irreverent in places and if not wholly original then certainly fresh, there are certain key elements which the sequels, to their detriment, have not been able to utilise. But it's only when you watch the films in close proximity - which this box set allows you to do, that it's possible to fully appreciate the problem: most of the things which made the first film so much fun would have been impossible to repeat without leaving us the viewers feeling short-changed.

It's counter-intuitive in a way because on paper, you should almost be able to shoe-horn John McClane into any decent action script and, with some work, turn it into a DIE HARD MOVIE.
But, consider the elements of the first film which made it so appealing:

The confined space
The larger than life baddy
The time-pressure factor
The wife in jeopardy element
The great character actors
The seasonal setting

And you start to see, whilst they were able to include some of these in the sequels, to have included ALL of them would simply have been too much. `Hang on' we would have shouted from the aisles `we've seen this before - we want the same - but different!'
The thing is, we the audience were probably never going to accept our hero in the same set of circumstances - the whole point of the first film was the unique-ness of it's setting. After that, whilst DH 2 tried to imply some of the elements of the first, you can see how creative hands were tied.
By the time of DH 3 John McClane was pretty much a run-of-mill action character, with a few passing references to the events of the first film (giving us a vague sense of continuity) but basically inhabiting an action role feels like it could be played by any number of established stars.

The whole charm of the first film was as much the character of the hero as the setting but it seems that the two could not really be separated.

There's still a lot to enjoy in the two sequels and the extras are generous - commentaries for each, documentaries. The third film too, is a `grower', great story that it is (although not written as a DH film per se, the writer was a self-confessed mega-fan.)

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