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Doctor Who : The Runaway Bride [2006] [2005] - 10.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 3:
hehehe : ok well i am a suprisingly big fan of doctor who and own all but 2 of the dvds of the doctors comeback, 1 of the 2 is this christmas special.The main reason is the price .I do not really enjoy Dr who confedentail so for me i would be paying the same amount of money for ONE episode that i would normaly spend on 3.
The episode itself was good apart from the giant spider ,though i did like it being there because it made me laugh when it flew its arms everywhere as though it was swatting an unwanted fly ,no this hilariose spider was looking forward to a much bigger dinner.

Rating: 2:
2 episodes to few : The episode is decent, although catherine tate's character was a bit annoying to begin with she became tolerable towards the end. The baddie is brilliant, and we see the doctor in a new light when drowning the racnoss young. Tennant is excellent again.

As i said it is a decent episode but really not worth buying on a DVD on its own. Series 2 and 3 could easily have been combined with the Christmas specials on 4 DVD's and their insistence on stretching them to 5 is annoying. The extra on here isn't anything special by any means. This hour long episode costs around the same as Series 3 volume 2 which contains 4 full length episodes.

So this is one to avoid for anyone but the completists.

Rating: 4:
a runaway success...nearly : A little of Catherine Tate goes a long way. Her characters are renowned for having 'big personality' stamped all over them. And as the almost-wed Donna in the 2006 Christmas Special, her big personality gets to mix it with two more in the shape of The Doctor and The Empress of Racnoss. Three required presences, a fair bit of scenery chewing - and just enough oxygen left to avoid suffocating.

Of course, Christmas is the season where - despite every effort to resist - one is less critically, and more forgivingly, inclined. 'The Runaway Bride', then, is a perfect example of that process in action. Pass me another sherry.

Nothing in my book will quite match 2005's 'The Christmas Invasion' for sheer size and movie spectacle but there are enough outstanding moments here to fend off niggling worries about downsizing or budget cuts. The scenes of Earth's formation from gaseous stardust, trapping the Racnoss spacecraft, are magnificent, almost Hubble Telescope-like in depth and dimension; the taxi-Santa kidnap on the motorway is pure punching the air stuff and the destruction of the Empress's 'star' ship is elegantly realised. The Empress of Racnoss herself is a wonderful non-CGI spider creation, but its lack of movement - when it should have been pit-pattering around to more dangerous effect - slightly hampers an otherwise impressive setup.

David Tennant and Sarah Parrish bounce of each other very well and the denoument, as the emerging 'children' are flushed down the plughole, is powerful and more than appropriate for insects and arachnids, however big they might be (please note: if I eventually re-incarnate as a bluebottle, be kind and open a window).

References to the loss of Rose in her parallel universe keep an emotional continuity necessary to the one-off nature of this story and lend Donna's last words to the Doctor genuine weight and poignance. As he leaves, we're left feeling for him and the new horizons to come. It's a lovely ending, reflective and softly low-key. Pass me a nosewipe. (...) Yes, yes, I know what 'please' means...sorry. (...) I don't know, maybe there's a high winter pollen count or something? Hmm.

In 'The Runaway Bride', Russell T. Davies has begun ringing in some of the changes for the season to come. In consequence, Doctor Who continues to be a wonderful experience with a bona-fide creative genius at the helm, surrounded by talented colleagues in every department. Even the 'Confidential' extra is a worthy bonus. Buy it.


Rating: 4:
When The Doctor met Donna : Christmas Bride Donna is supposed to be getting married. But far from walking down the ailse in a stunning white frock, she finds herslef, instead of at the alter with her beloved, sucked into the Tardis with the Doctor Himself.

As a fan of both Catherine Tate and David Tennant, the pairing of the two meant an enjoyable episode for me. And while I think Catherine is a fantastic actress, her character of Donna in this episode was incredibly annoying! The Doctor, fresh from the heartbreak of losing his beloved Rose, is forced to interviene when sinsister Robot Santa's steal Donna away. It is finally revielled that the Evil Epress Racnos (Brilliant Sarah Parish) wants Donna for her own evil purposes.

While I thought this was a good episode all in all, I did feel that some of the elements didn't fit. As a lot of reviewers poined out, the leaves were clearly visible on the trees and the sun high in the sky. Also, despite getting married at Christmas, Donna parades around in a sleevless dress!

However, it was good entertainment for Xmas Day and The Doc remembering his time with Rose was a poignant touch. But one element didn't ring true - The Doc asks Donna to be his new companion straight off, minutes after losing Rose, yet in Series 3, when he meets Martha he is reluctant to let her travel with him full time because she would be replacing Rose. Huh? Considering The Runaway Bride and Series 3 had a time gap of about 4 months this doesn't make sense. Surely it should have been the other way round, and he seemed more upset about Rose at the beginning of Series 3 a few months later than he did at Christmas when she'd only just gone!

You can watch this and judge for yourself. But I was happy just to have my two fave characters on TV at the same time on Xmas Day!

Rating: 3:
Poor value for money : Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the episode but the DVD as a whole is poor value. I'm a big fan of the vanilla releases as I'm not a huge admirer of extras on DVDs but this release was just a huge disappointment for me. One episode (albeit an hour long instead of the usual forty-five minutes) selling at the same price of a release with 3 is just daylight robbery and the addition of the DW Confidential Special is a poor substitute for further episodes. At least last year's Christmas Special had "New Earth" with it too.

On a slightly more positive note David Tennant was usual exceptional self, Catherine Tate wasn't the nightmare I was dreading and the Empress of the Racnoss was a truly impressive creation. But I'm sorry Amazon, until this one drops in price I won't be partaking of it, completist even though I am.

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