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Doctor Who - Series 3 Vol. 2 - 12.48

The latest DVD release from the third season of the revived Doctor Who is one many fans will have been eagerly awaiting, due in no small part to the return of the iconic Daleks.

A pity, then, that of the four episodes on this DVD, it's the Dalek double-header that's the weakest. So let's deal with those two episodes first. "Daleks In Manhattan" and "Evolution Of The Daleks" are set in 1930s New York, where the Daleks have hatched their most daring plan to date: to use the biology of a human to evolve their own, resulting in a hybrid human/Dalek creature.

Yet in spite of some neat moments across the two episodes, the double-header never really clicks, and the hybrid creation utterly fails to convince. It leaves a few good lines, some neat action sequences and the sheer status of the Daleks to drag the episodes through.

Things perk up though with the other two episodes on this Doctor Who DVD. "The Lazarus Experiment" is a fun romp, with The League Of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss experimenting, with predictably chaotic results, in age reversal. What marks this episode out though is the intriguing building of the story that's set to pay off later in the series.

Finally, the best episode on the disc, 42. While derivative, it's pacey, funny and has a real-time feel to the action that works extraordinarily well. Some smashing direction too, not least when the episode goes silent as the Doctor mouths "I'll save you" to a seemingly doomed Martha.

In all then, a mixed bag of Doctor Who, but still a terrific value DVD given the four episodes it contains. Even if the best of series three is yet to come... --Simon Brew

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
imagine 1 good Doctor Who episode, then imagine it x 4! : This volume of Doctor Who contains 4 of the best Doctor Who epuisodes of all Time! Including:

DALEKS IN MANHATTEN: The Doctor (David Tennant)and Martha (Freema Agyeman) arrive in New York in 1930 only to find that great evil lurks the streets.

EVOLUTION OF THE DALEKS: The Same as DALEKS IN MANHATTEN only the exciting conclusion.

THE LAZARUS EXPERIMENT: Always wanted to stay young and beautiful then if you watch this, don't get any ideas!

42: The Doctor and Martha arrive on a spaceship that is out of control and heading for the SUN!

If i were u I'd buy it! (From AMAZON! maybe)

Rating: 4:
Doctor Who S3V2 : On this disc there is "Daleks In Manhattan", a good episode, with a brilliant cliffhanger. "Evolution Of The Daleks", not the best episode ever, actually when you've got past the fact that the Daleks are in it, it seems kind of crappy! "The Lazarus Experiment", I watched that on my Birthday, that makes it extra-special, a good monster and a brilliant storyline. "42" is great. This is a worth-while DVD!

Rating: 4:
Good episodes : There are some very good episodes on this dvd and I really enjoyed them, although none of them are brilliant. In my opinion this dvd is better than the on before it.

Daleks In Manhatten/Evolution Of The Daleks= This is a usual Dalek episode with a twist because there is a Dalek Human. This double episode is very good and entertaining but the problem is ( as other reviewers have pointed out ) that the Daleks are in so many episodes that they become very over-used. This episode is set in America and the Daleks have a plan that has to do with the building of The Empire State Building ( 7/10 ).

The Lazarus Experiment= This episode is about the Doctor taking Martha back home, but a man is doing an experiment to make himself younger and the experiment fails and he occasionaly turns into a mutated monster. I didn't really enjoy this episode much but I still think it is ok ( 5/10 ).

42= This episode is about people in a spaceship hurtling towards the sun and some of the people aboard the ship are turning evil and burning people to death. This episode is exciting and intriguing and it is great to watch. I don't know why people think it is like The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, because the plot is nothing like that except that they are in a spaceship ( 7/10 ).

There are some episodes definitely worth watching on this dvd but it is not the best in the series.

Rating: 2:
Dalek Human! Dalek! ...Human! : Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleks: One complaint that I have about the new series of Doctor Who is that the Daleks have turned into pansies! Take Dalek, where a Dalek became lonely, guilty and depressed and killed himself, just because he was "touched" by rose. In the bad wolf double bill they planned to take over the world by means of taking over reality TV shows. In the Doomsday double Dalek Sec gets involved in a bitching match with a cyberman "this is not war! it is pest control!" and now they have decided to abandon their supremacist ideology by merging with a human and becoming all tolerant and almost nice. The Dalek race are saved however when they turn on Sec and Caan's temporal shift after the Doctor empassioned speech is a good ending. But the badly faked american acents and out of character Dalek's, and simply silly pigmen make this the weakest Dalek story of the new series so far, and not really worth a second look.

The Lazarus Experiment: This episode is much better. It's exciting and original and features dramatic fast paced action sequences and a thoroughly nasty baddy. The effects look pretty poor however, with the CG monster Lazarus looking very unrealistic (I realise the irony in this comment). The part is well acted by Mark Gatiss, and the inclusion of Martha's family is a nice touch.

42: This episode is OK, although it basically feels like a less entertaining version of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit from series 2. There are some good moments however, the progression of the Mr. Saxon storyline from the previous episode here is also interesting. This episode did create some moments of genuine tension as Martha drifts towards the sun, but somehow just isn't that entertaining.

The DVD features mainly average episodes, but they are worth a look, I wouldn't recommend paying too much though.

Rating: 3:
not the best eps : The revived Doctor who has been somewhat of a mixed bag since it began 2 yrs ago,sometimes brilliant episodes would be followed by horrid ones. This collection from season 3 is ok but no more than that. The dalek 2 parter is pretty lame,theres barely enough material here for 1 episode let alone 2,theres virtually no action and a load of actors doing fake american accents running around!!..writr helen raynor will be contributing another 2 part story for season 4,lets hope it better than this!

The Lazurus experiment is although stoeywise pretty flimsy it's quite an enjoyable episode and prob the best ep on this disc

42 is a story by chris chibnell..the main writer on torchwood. This is another mediocre story..all too reminiscent of last yrs impossible planet 2 parter..why do another take on a similar theme this soon?? doesnt make sense..some nice fx in this at the end but again it's not that great.

Fortunatley the next volume is excellent with the family of blood 2 parter and the amazing blink...this is how it should be done..avoid this volume and get the next one.

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