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Doctor Who - Series 3 Vol. 4 [2007] - 10.98

The return of The Master has been one of the many recent triumphs of Doctor Who. And with this, the final single DVD release of season three of the show, the three concluding episodes deliver John Simm's majestic take on one of the Doctor's deadliest and oldest enemies.

These three episodes also see Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness rejoining the Tardis, and along with the Doctor and Martha, there's a mighty battle to be fought.

It all starts with "Utopia", one of the very finest episodes of Doctor Who's third season. This is a clever, slow-burning tale, with Derek Jacobi guest-starring, and it features a final ten minutes so good it's enough to make Who fans weep. Things continue with some style in "The Sound Of Drums", where The Master really comes into his own, replete with a devastating cliffhanger to set up the season finale. And ironically, it's that finale, "The Last Of The Time Lords", that's the weakest of the three here, a slightly muddled--but still very enjoyable--wrapping up of a very strong series.

The skill of these three episodes is how cleanly they interweave with the subtle building blocks that have been put in place for them over the duration of Doctor Who's run. And with an ending the bodes well for the 2007 Christmas special too, this DVD is further proof of just what strong shape Doctor Who is in. Cracking stuff. --Jon Foster

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 4:
Two out of three ain't bad : This fourth DVD vanilla release that consists of: 'Utopia', 'The Sound Of Drums' and 'The Last Of The Time Lords' is a trilogy that Russell T Davies almost managed to pull off, but not quite, but more on that later.

Bringing back the Master was a 'master'stroke, and firstly he was played by the Shakespearian actor and national treasure that is Derek Jacobi who put in a brilliant performance. And then followed by the excellent John Simm who although is a really great actor, I felt wouldn't be right to play the Master. How wrong was I? He really pulled it off BIG TIME, putting in a truly manic over the top performance that was also slightly comical, a bit like the Joker in 'Batman'. He was hamming it up for Great Britain, and it was a delight watching all his performances. You could tell he was having a ball playing the part.

'Utopia' and 'The Sound Of Drums' were both excellent thrilling episodes, but the final - 'The Last Of The Time Lords' was a bit of an anti-climax. It felt a bit muddled and flat, and in my opinion wasn't that well written. Still, don't get me wrong it was an enjoyable episode, it's just I felt it could have been a little better.

Rating: 5:
Dr Who : Dont care if previous people picked so many holes in this series, as quite honestly I thought it was great! Have totaly enjoyed all three series of Dr Who since they returned it to our screens.

Just sit back and enjoy, it is only meant to be light entertainment after all, so people take things far too seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5:
Best ever : these are the best episodes of the best season of doctor who ever.
it has everything.
cool stunts,lots of action,capt jack,the master,excellent pace,and a good cliffhanger for the xmas special.
i love these episodes and cannot wait to see series 4 and see how it compares with this series.
i doubt that next years finale can top this years and i even thought thet it was an improvement over last years cybermen vs daleks plot.
this is way better.

Rating: 5:
Doctor WHO........family riveted who could ask for more? : If you are a purist then yes you can pick holes in these episodes, but why not enjoy the sheer entertainment value for all the family? My five year old sings 'here come the drums' all the time now! Worth watching again and again, definitely on my wish list.Russell T. Davies is to Doctor Who what Joss Whedon is to Buffy... the Master!

Rating: 1:
0 star, not 1 : This DVD is the first New Who release to contain 3 episodes of 1 story arc. The danger with this of course, is that if that story is utter rubbish then there is not, for example, a second story to make the DVD worth buying. And yes, the story arc of Utopia/The Sound Of Drums (which aren't explained, which is probably a good thing with RTD's non existent talent)/Last Of The Time Lords is utter drivel and joins a handful of Doctor Who stories (over its 44 year history) that score a 0 out of 5 in my opinion.

A little harsh perhaps? Not at all, it contains everything that could be wrong with a scipt (bar Derek Jacobi's Master. Why oh why did they get rid of him, sheer, utter stupidity), the story is drivel, performance by John Simms alone almost makes a Who fan want to disown it, science is totally implausible and the whole thing is just very childish. I have a saying: Good Who is regarded as great sci-fi, while bad Who is talked of just a show for kids. This story is for babies.

RTD your time is up, you may have helped bring Doctor Who back but now we're just on damage limitation. Please go.

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