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Doctor Who - Series 3 Vol.1 [2007] [2005] - 11.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 4:
First three episodes : "Smith And Jones", I love it, I especially love the Judoon-they remind me of somebody I know. "The Shakespeare Code", it is good, but a bit crappy at the same time. And "Gridlock" is one of the most boring episodes ever! Basically, it's 30 minutes of The Doctor jumping in to cars and then 15 watching the Face Of Boe die. I was still sad about the Face Of Boe's death.

Rating: 3:
Definitely not the best episodes in the series : This dvd contains some of the weaker episodes in the series. The episodes on this dvd are Smith and Jones, The Shakespeare Code, and Gridlock.

Smith and Jones= This episode introduces the Doctors new accomplice, Martha Jones. She is acted by Freema Agyeman, and I think she is a great actress and brilliant for the part. The episode is about a hospital transporting to the moon and the Doctor and Martha are in it. Aliens that look like rhinos come and execute anyone who gets in there way. This episode is good but it is not in the same league as some of the later ones ( 6.5/10 ).

The Shakespeare Code= In this episode the Doctor and Martha go to 1599 to see Shakespeare but there are some evil witches. This episode is the best on this dvd and I enjoyed it a lot. It has some great acting and quite a good plot ( 6.75/10 ).

Gridlock= This episode is set on New Earth and everyone is in a large traffic jam. This episode also has The Face Of Boes death. This episode in my opinion is the worst in the series and I think it is like being in a large traffic jam myself. I think The Face Of Boes secret at the end is annoying and if you haven't watched the last three episodes it seems really stupid ( 3/10 ).

I reccomend this dvd but I do think that you should buy other episodes first.

Rating: 4:
a good start : After the superb chemistry in series one of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccelston and Billie Piper; series two with David Tennant was so sacherine sweet and poorly written that I wondered if the third series was worth watching at all. Fortunately I was proved wrong and David Tennant and Frema Agyeman worked brilliantly together to start a whole new set of interesting and subtly poignant stories. The one downer in these three episodes is the Shakespear code which I think is a bit overdone and is basically not all that far removed from the dickens episode in series one, has much less to say for its self and the numerous quotes are absolutely infuriating. The other episisodes are dark and atmospheric and although the first episode is a bit slow, in the way of most setting the scene episodes, it gives good insight into the characters and is easy to watch. The episode everyone else has slated in these reviews is much the best of the lot if you like tense atmospheric storylines with poignant endings and a perfectly wrought distopia.

Rating: 3:
Alright : I quite liked these three episodes and my favourite is the shakespeare code which is a great episode with a really good plot. I also enjoyed smith and jones, this is a good introduction to martha jones, the doctors new companion. Gridlock is the episode which put me off these three episodes, it did not keep me interested and the face of boes revelation at the end was very annoying because I was expecting a really interesting secret and the episode finished leaving me dissapointed ( I know the face of boes revelation was relevent later on in the series but I didn't know that then ).Anyway apart from gridlock this is a very good dvd and I reccomend it but some of the later episodes are a lot better.

Rating: 5:
A dream start for David, and Freema : The third series picks up the momentum from series two quite nicely, and the first three cracking epsodes, : "Smith And Jones", "The Shakespeare Code", and "Gridlock".

"Smith And Jones", introduces us to the Judoon, hulking rhino-like policemen who have a very unorthodox way of pursuing non-humans like the Doctor. They mark humans with an X mark on their hand, and with a humourous twist anyone who hits them from behind is executed. Their target is Annie Reid as a Plasmavour who does away with poor Roy Marsden very easily, and her two leather-cladded henchmen with motorbike courier gear.

"The Shakespeare Code", is in my opinion the best episode of Doctor Who so far this series. The great bard is superbly brought to life by Dean Lennox Kelly, (Kev in, "Shameless") with a great deal of humour, and detail to the period. Three witches want Shakespeare to write, "Loves Labours Won", the lost masterpiece which has an element of truth in real life. It didn't exist. The play opens a gateway for the witches so their sisters can come through, and terrorise Elizabethan England. The final scene of the episode shows Queen Elizabeth I appearing, and recognizing the Doctor she shouts, "Off with his head!!!". An excellent script from Gareth Roberts, and superbly directed by Charles Palmer.

"Gridlock", is what the third series is all about. The words from The Face Of Boe, played by Struan Rodger, "You Are Not Alone" = YANA, played by Sir Derek Jacobi in episode 11, "Utopia", neatly sets the tone for this episode, and a marvellous performance from Ardal O'Hanlon as Thomas Kincaid Brannigan.

All in all. A great start for Freema Ageyman, and our David.

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