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Doctor Who - The Complete Series 2 Box Set - 49.98

Most have agreed that the BBC's decision to revive Doctor Who has proven inspired, with the Christopher Ecclestone-led 'first' series proving a critical and ratings success. Yet when Ecclestone announced he was departing the role after just one season, eyebrows were raised. Could the momentum be kept going for a second series?

Absolutely. The seamless casting of David Tennant as Ecclestone's successor in the TARDIS has been equally inspired, and while it's a fair debate as to whether he matches the standards set by his predecessor, the show rarely lets you draw breath to think about.

This second series collection kicks off with the 2005 Christmas special, which finds the Doctor struggling to overcome the effects of his regeneration, just as the Earth happens to be invaded. It's a smashing episode, and much of the thirteen that follow manage to match it. Particular highlights? There's "School Reunion", which cleverly works old favourites K-9 and Sarah-Jane back into the mix, while "The Girl In The Fireplace" finds the Doctor in a slightly more romantic frame, "The Idiot's Lantern" is a super, snappy episode set just before Coronation Day, while the two part "Impossible Planet" and "Satan Pit" shows just how far you can stretch a BBC budget.

Yet the series will ultimately be remembered for different reasons. The triumphant return for the Cybermen for one, and the depature of Billie Piper's Rose Tyler in the superb final two-parter, which also happens to see two of the Doctor's deadliest foes waging war. And while it's not unfair to say that this series of Doctor Who hasn't been without one or two low moments too, the vast majority of it has been really quite brilliant. Fast, energetic, well-written and cracking entertainment, you're only left wondering how they can top all this next time round… --Simon Brew

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Fantastic! Great! Brilliant! Excellent! Good! Wow! : I love this, I love it so very much! "The Christmas Invasion" is a brilliant episode, when it gets going. "New Earth" is very exciting! "Tooth And Claw" is quite thrilling, keeps you on the edge of your seet. "School Reunion", Sarah-Jane Smith and K9 are back,WOW! "The Girl In The Fireplace" an action-packed love story. "Rise Of The Cybermen"+"The Age Of Steel" WOW! A brilliant double-parter, and if that isn't enough, the Cybermen are back! "The Idiot's Lantern" quite good, if a little boring. "The Impossible Planet"+"The Satan Pit" the Devil is in Doctor Who! How brilliant can life get! "Love And Monsters" crap, boring, lame, one of the worst and most pathetic monsters I have ever seen. "Fear Her" a little bit good, but not the best ever. "Army Of Ghosts"+"Doomsday" brilliant! Rose and the Doctor get separated-bless! Still good. One of the best boxsets in the world! Buy it!

Rating: 5:
In a word - WOW! : This series of Doctor Who is amazing from start to finish.

The opening episode The Christmas Invasion introduces the new doctor David Tennant. It starts a little slow but picks up well.

The start of the season proper is New Earth. This episode brings back the villain Cassandra from Series one's End of the World. The episode is highly entertaining with a truly emotional ending.

The following episode Tooth & Claw is when the series really heats up. Tooth & Claw set in 1879 sees the doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria. The villain in this episode is a werewolf. This episode is truly scary and with a story that keeps your focus on the screen for the entire 45 minutes.

School Reunion brings back the much loved assistant Sarah Jane Smith with the also highly loved K-9. However, seeing these two characters return is not the only high-point of the episode. Anthony Head plays the alien headmaster of a school hoping to decode the laws of the universe to try and change it to benefit his species.

The Girl in the Fireplace is one of the best episodes of Doctor Who since the revival. A love story set in the future and the past with the doctor and a mysterious girl from the other side of a fire place become unexpectedly close after the Doctor saves her.

Rise of the Cyberman/Age of Steel sees the return of the Cybermen - a classic enemy from the old series. When trying to bring back old foes it can sometimes seem a bit forced, however here it is done professionally well. The cybermen are a scary enemy that will have you hiding behind the sofa :P

The idiots Lantern is a weaker episode of the series but still worth watching. Set in the 1950's for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. An alien gets inside the televisions and eats the souls of of people watching.

The impossible planet/Satin Pit is possibly the highest budget doctor who to date and the story does not disappoint. the doctor and rose land on a planet that is underneath a black hole but for a mysterious reason is not being sucked in. The crew of a space craft on the planet are drilling to the centre of the planet to discover what is down there to keep the planet safe. The doctor loses the TARDIS in a quake and is therefore stuck on the planet with them. What they discover down the pit is the biggest enemy of them all.

Love & Monsters is an episode that is either loved or hated. The episode doesn't focus on the doctor and rose but those of a cult group who wish trying to find out about the doctor. This episode is enjoyable if not looked upon too seriously.

In the episode Fear Her, it is evident that a low budget was used. Set in London at the time of the 2012 Olympics, children keep disappearing but no one knows why. It is up to the Doctor and Rose to discover the problem and save everyone that has gone missing. Not the best episode of the series but again worth watching.

The finale of the series - Army of Ghosts/Doomsday is a great episode. Bringing back the classic enemies Cybermen and Daleks. A war on Earth between three species. Humans, Daleks and Cybermen with a timelord fighting the human corner. Who will win the battle. See the emotional story of the end of Rose.

The series is brilliant, defiantly worth the price. Believe me, you will not regret the purchase of this 6 disc DVD.

Rating: 5:
Even better than series one : I really enjoyed this series and in my opinion it is even better than series one. It has exciting plots, great episodes and great acting.

This series introduces David Tennant as the Doctor and he is really great for the part, his character is usually completely over-enthusiastic and funny. Billie Piper is still perfect for the part of Rose Tyler.

The unpopular episode Love And Monsters isn't great but it isn't too bad. The last two episodes are some of the best episodes of Doctor Who yet, they are absolutely brilliant.

I think any Doctor Who fan should buy this series, it's great.

Rating: 3:
Maddeningly not quite there : Yes, it's three stars, no it's not right it should be higher. The second series of the new Doctor Who was high quality. The stories on the whole were great with the exception of New Earth (too many ideas never dealt with effectively), Fear Her (an okay premise ruined by an over the top finale) and the slightly boring 50s episode (which doesn't really make sense). Oh and the Cyberman two-parter isn't that hot but does at least set up the end of the series. The show is still exciting and heartfelt with some great lines and the finale is the Daleks fighting the Cybermen. The effects are great, the guest casts are very well chosen. So what's wrong with it?

Well with the DVD collection, the extras aren't quite what I hoped for. There are deleted scenes and bloopers this time round, but for the main part you agree with the decision to leave the deleted scenes out and the bloopers aren't really It'll be alright on the night quality. Video diaries are okay but as with Billie's in the previous year don't really add anything to your understanding of what was going on on the show. And I hate to say this, but I don't want the producers on the commentaries because there is no chance of any of the contributors being honest about the bits that don't work. I don't want them to slag it off, but I do want them to say what they think maybe doesn't fit or how it could be done better.

In the shows themselves, the music always drowns out dialogue at important parts. I guess the benefit of DVDs is you can have subtitles, but a lot of David Tennant's dialogue is difficult to decipher, usually during the technobabble that explains what's going on. Also although it's apparent that Piper and Tennant are having fun, the way their characters are written comes off as smug, glib and arrogant at times. Take Tooth and Claw, an otherwise fab episode which is spoiled by the complete lack of a sense of wonder on the part of either of the leads and the naff jokes they make at everyone else's expense. Similarly Fear Her, while not a great premise is made toe-curlingly bad by the scene with the Doctor lighting the Olympic torch and acting like a yobbo. Yes, he's populist now, but that doesn't mean he can't have dignity or a bit of class. That said, the scene in the Impossible Planet where Rose and the Doctor discuss their future stranded in, well, the future, and the final heartbreaking scenes of the series are wonderful because they're played straight by a couple of great actors and recapture the awkwardness of the characters' feelings that was such a great part of the first series. The fact is that Tennant is very good when he's not trying to be Tom Baker and in the third series he's markedly better. And I do appreciate that he can't play the role too much like Eccleston but it's always the bits where he acts more mature that come off the best.

And there's loads of other great stuff in there: K9! Sarah Jane (oh how I wished she would stay on at the end of that episode)! Daleks! Cybermen! A hissing Anthony Stuart Head! Werewolves! The Great Beast! Alternate realities, black holes and fanboys! And did I mention that I really enjoyed Love and Monsters? Come on, it was funny.

So yeah, the rating is deceptive. I still would recommend you buy this.

Rating: 2:

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