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Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set - £51.98

There were a few moments in the third season of the revived Doctor Who when you begin to wonder if the bubble has burst. A couple of tepid Dalek episodes, and a handful of forgettable stories, make you begin--perhaps for the first time since the show's revival--whether it's already hits its peak.

But never underestimate the new Doctor Who. For the back run of series three is as good as anything that's gone before it, with ingenious plotting, the clever layering of elements it casually--nah, crucially--refers to later on, and some quite superb individual episodes. It not only restores any hint of lost faith, it sets the bar even higher.

Examples? The stunning single story Blink is extremely clever, genuinely scary and has immense rewatch value. While the equally strong double-header of Human Nature and The Family Of Blood is a two-parter in the traditional Doctor Who way, building up its story in a measured and really effectively creepy way.

Then there's the finale. Presenting the Doctor with one of his finest, most ingenious villains makes for quite brilliant television (albeit with a slightly underwhelming concluding episode), as exciting to long-time fans of Doctor Who as it is for the newcomers.

And that, ultimately, is the brilliance of Doctor Who. It staggers so many levels of viewer enthusiasm, appeals to an extremely broad age demographic, and woos over fans new and old in a manner that no show currently on television can manage. And while the cliché of hiding behind the sofa may not be as accurate as it once was, Doctor Who season three will undoubtedly leave you gripped to the TV. --Simon Brew

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Great cover for a great series! : The fangirl inside of me (who regularly makes an appearance when these particular people are around) was delighted with the cover. So that adds points. Aside from that, I liked the series... mostly.
I didn't start watching Doctor Who untill it was rereleased in 05, with Ecclestone. I was hooked. When Tennant took over the role of the Doctor, a couple of new obsessions arose. Firstly, I was turned into a Tennantfangirl (hence the username) and I was immediatly a 10Rose shipper - Ijust loved the dynamics! So, naturally, I was apprehensive of Martha - but I made no judgments before I'd seen her in action.
I loved her character in the first few episodes, but after a while, I felt like her character had weakened. She went from being this independent young woman to this woman who was constantly saying she loved the Doctor, or sending him puppy dog eyes. Admittedly, Rose did that too, but I liked the dynamic that created. In the last few episodes however, she redeemed herself in my eyes, mainly because she regained that independence.
As for those last three episodes themselves... wow. I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, crying with the Doctor, and not only that, I was chanting at the screen.
I do think some of the episodes were flagging - the Dalek ones particularly frustrated me - especially as you can gaurantee we will be seeing them again. I loved, however, The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, and Blink. For me, they all have equal brilliantness, for different reasons. TSC was amazing as I love Shakespeare and I loved the idea of the three withces thing! And as for Gridlock... well. That was breathtakingly amazing. Blink? I have never been so terrified of a TV show. I refused to take my eyes off of any statues I saw for weeks afterwards, and even my mum had nightmares.
Can't wait for series four, and I am definately going to put this oxset on my christmas wish list.

Rating: 5:
With the exception of a few duds it's Doctor Who (and just plain television) at its best : I got into Doctor Who a bit late in the game. By the time I finished Fear Her the first few episodes of the 3rd series had already aired, so I knew Rose left and was replaced by Martha. I was very very skeptical to say the least. Here's my episode by episode review:

The Runaway Bride: I'd only ever seen Catharine Tate in Starter for 10 (Yeah, I'm American) so I had no idea of her comedy show (or how repititive it was..killed a great thing, imho) so I only knew her strictly as an actress. I really really enjoyed this episode. I think it was refreshing to see a companion stand up to the Doctor in a way that we hadn't seen in a while and honestly wouldn't you be a bit overwhelemed and angry if that happened to you on your wedding day? All in all good Doctor Who 8/10

Smith and Jones: Great fun! A perfect introduction to Martha and a great season opener..! And I don't mind the blue suit at all. The pacing was great, I could've done without the "genetic transfer" but all in all a great episode! 9.5/10

The Shakespeare Code: One of my favorites episodes of the entire show. I'm a massive fan of Dean Lennox Kelly (Mostly because of Shameless) so I was happily shocked to see him play Shakespeare. The story was great as were the performances. 10/10

Gridlock: I didn't care for this episode the first time I saw it but after watching it a second time I found myself appreciating it a bit more. It was great to see Martha finally confront the Doctor and get a straight answer from him. It was also nice to see the Face of Boe again. 8/10

Daleks in Manhattan - I've only watched this episode once and I don't plan on watching it again. I live in NY so I'm biased but Tallulah's accent was way over-the-top, so that was a bit of a turn off for me from the minute she spoke. The story had great potential; it could've been quite epic really. It just felt tired and old and the episode began to drag quite a bit toward the end. Even though I had the second part available to watch right away I gave myself a couple of days to digest what I had just put myself through. 6/10 (which is only so high due to the acting, mostly by David and Freema)

Evolution of the Daleks - Take the pacing of the first part and slow that down by a hundred times and you get this episode. It wasn't terrible..the acting is great, the effects are good, the story had such potential (some moments are great while others fall terribly flat) but it's definitely forgettable. 5.5/10

The Lazarus Experiment - This is when I regained my faith in the series. While it wasn't great it was interesting to have the villian be human. Mark Gatiss was great (as always) as were the rest of the cast. The effects were good considering how complicated Lazarus was designed. All in all a decent episode. 8/10

42 - I know that everyone calls this the "The Impossible Planet" of series 3 but they're not THAT similar. Okay, maybe they are a bit, but the differences that are there are great enough to allow me to enjoy this episode. The story is interesting, the acting is absolutely superb (This is when I finally began to notice just how brilliant David Tennant really is). Once again a bit more of my faith in the series was restored. 8/10

Human Nature - Where do I even begin? This is, without a doubt in my mind, the best Doctor Who story ever written. Everyone is absolutely fantastic, especially Jessica Hynes and David Tennant! I'm used to seeing the former in strictly comedy roles but she is a great dramatic actress! David Tennant completely transformed himself! There was nothing of the Doctor in John Smith. Freema was great as well; she really shown in this episode, I was finally convinced she had what took to be a companion. The Family were brilliant as well. 10/10

The Family of Blood - This is what television should be. Plain and simple. I have never cried so much over an episode of a show in my entire life. The dilemma that John was faced with really got to me. I found myself even more upset when the Doctor reappeared (I just didn't think it was fair, I can't explain it in a short review). By far the best episode of any television show I have ever watched. 10/10

Blink - An amazing episode to follow the previous two with! Sally was a pleasure to watch, very relatable, and the Easter Egg bit is genius! David Tennant stole the last scene with his bow and arrow. The ending is also perfect; just when you think the danger is over..10/10

Utopia - Very very slow moving but the pay-off is well worth the wait. Having Jack back was great! It was also nice to see him back to his old Doctor Who self. I'm just a bit saddened that the Jacobi didn't stay on..though I do think John Simm was great as well. 9/10

The Sound of Drums - Great episode. It was interesting and exciting to see the group on the run as outlaws. The pacing is perfect and John Simm captures that manic insanity the Master now seems to have perfectly. 9/10

The Last of the Time Lords - I love this episode. It drags a bit in the middle but the Scissor Sisters sequence was perfect!! It was interesting and refreshing to see the Doctor stuck in a situation like that. The climax was great as well (if a bit cheesy and I was a little surprised at how no one seemed to care that the President had still been killed..mind you if it was our current President I wouldn't either, but still) but the ending ripped out my heart. But I'm convinced it's not the end of the Master. I just can't wait to find out how the Titanic was able to crash though the TARDIS.

All in all I'd give it a solid 9/10 (the crap episodes were crap but the amazing episodes really redeem it for me).

Rating: 4:
Mixture of good and bad-SPOILER ALERT : After seeing Rose leave at the end of series 2. I was excited to see what the new companion was going to be like. And I was concerned that they would make the dr love her as well. But thankfully they didnt. To be honest im not a huge fan of Martha Jones, nothing against the actress though, the actress is good just not the character.
Here are my opinion on each episode;
The Runaway Bride-I had never seen Catherine Tate before until this, and i thought she was funny in much of it, and have now heard shes coming back full time for Series 4, which i wasnt completley happy to hear. But good episode, and great acting. 8/10
The Shakespeare Code-A very good episode, good humour with it where there was various jokes between the dr and Shakespeare. 9/10
Gridlock-This one ive heard is very disliked, but i actually didnt mind it, it definately was not the best but i found the acting very good by all. 7/10
Daleks in Manhattan-Now this episode angered me a tremendous amount at first. When i heard the words, "I am a HUMAN dalek". I couldnt believe it, in my opinion there shouldnt be a human dalek. Never ever. But the next episode made it better when.... 8/10
Evolution of the Daleks- ....the daleks realised it was a mistake. Both episodes had problems. But good acting by all. 8/10
The Lazarus Experiment- Worst episode of this series, i didnt find much interesting about it at all, except for the mystery behind the man (turned out to be The Master). 6/10
42-Quite like The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, good acting and great CGI. 7/10
Human Nature- When hearing advertised the dr becomes human, i thought they are killing dr who! But when i watched it i was amazed. I thought i was going to hate it, but in fact loved it. Best two episodes of the season. 10/10
The family of blood- The second part to a great story. 10/10
Blink- Again wasnt expecting much at all, but was one of the best and one of the scariest. 10/10
Utopia- Not great, not much happens, until the last 5 minutes when the Master returns. 7/10
The Sound of Drums- Didnt understand it much. The Master was played very well. 8/10
Last of the Timelords- The Master DEAD. Would never happen. The doctor cries because his arch nemesis dies. Maybe. The Master will be back. Then the TARDIS crashes into the Titanic. 8/10

All together i would rate it 7/10.
A mixture of good and bad episodes. But every episode was well done and acted well. Just they need better stories.

Im already looking forward to the next christmas episode because it is about the famous shipwreck the Titanic. Which by my user name you can see im interested in.

I will definately be getting this dvd when it becomes available in Novemeber. I would recommend watching the original series or Series 1 & 2 before watching this series, as you then know what has happened previously.

Rating: 5:
Wasn't it marvellous? : I thought that series 3 was frankly ,marvellous. Let me go through the episodes:

Runaway Bride) An ingenious plot with some great moments, e.g showing Donna the start of the universe and the Doctor's dark moment at blowing up the building. Fantastic!

Smith and Jones) Good, and I thought it introduced Martha well. Although the first 15 mins were a tad like a soap opera the Doctor madeup for it by being absolutely hilarious!I am loving the genetic transfer!

Shakespeare Code) I loved this story telling and the cheek involved by siggesting all Shakespeares best lines came from the Doctor!

Gridlock) For me the worst episode as the car scenes were too long although the last 15 minutes were as good as good can be!

Daleks in Manhatten and Evolution of the Daleks) I think that the story was good but that iot could have been filmed better and the american accents could have been better! I enjoyed it although I know some people have said it was awful!

Lazarus Experiment) I loved this! Martha was announced by the Doctor as a full time companion in the last heart wrenching scene and the only thing I felt was bad was the tacky human face on the monster.

42) Really resembled The impossible planet/satan pit but I did enjoy this although it was not my favourite episode. David was fantastic as per usual but being possessed by the sun - thats not something you learn and drama school I am sure!

Human Nature/Family of Blood) This was amazing and was a great cliffhanger and really developed Martha as a character. Go Martha! The doctor had some sad scenes and i though jessica hynes was great in it!

Blink) I loved this episode and was my favourite of the series. This was probably the only one that did genuinely scare me! My son had nightmares for days after! All I can say is fabulous!

Utopia / Sound of Drums/ Last of the Time Lords/ These three were very different and although I did love Derek Jacobi and John Simm as the Master there were two things I found tacky. 1) Finding Utopia so that humans can live in harmony. Tacky? Totally! 2) Reversing time. It is as if Russell T Davies did not have enough time to finish so he said "I know! Lets reverse time and come up woth a posh name for it!"

Overall however great!!!!!! I defineitly reccommend it to anyone, Doctor Who experience or not!

Rating: 5:
Considerably better than series 2... : When Doctor Who came back in Spring 2005, I was both happy and sceptical. Happy that someone in authority had the sense to bring this most wonderful of programmes back and sceptical that some other bafoon would louse it up! After Chris Ecclestone's fantastic performance, I had equally high hopes for Mr. Tennant, who's work I was also familiar with. I thought series 2 was good and had it's merits, but just no where near as good as series 1. With this in mind, I was worried that another not-as-good series may be a signal of the sart of the rot, but series 3 has turned out to be a real cracker, with no real duffers or 2 parter full of padding (like series 2 had). Martha proves a good companion (can we have a companion who isn't a contempory female from London next please?), another fabulous Dalek tale, the amazing Human Nature/ Family of Blood and Blink and the nicely written and performed return of The Master. John Simm is superb in the role and such a screen presence, he and David Tennant hardly fit on the screen together! Nice ending, all wrapped up neatly and some more wonderful sets (Shakespear Code) and even a great song to get under your skin ('I can't decide it you should live or die...'). Expect good extras on this box as the previous have had, and the follow up Christmas special (this is turning into a wonderful habit by the Beeb) should be with us soon.

All in all, much better than we could have expected. Still think Steve Moffatt (Blink) is the most gifted writer of this generation. That's another story though.....

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