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DragonBall Z: Season One (REGION 1) (NTSC) -

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Great Series : this is a good box set, only problem is that it is not the same one released in the UK on Cartoon Network, there are a few slight differences.
an example is the loved U-tube "over 9,000" vegeta quote, in this box set he doesn't say it quite as emotionally.

other than that this is going to be a great series

also note this is uncut so there are no conveniently placed leaves and cans to cover nakedness, and the characters swear from now and then.

Rating: 5:
Dragon Ball Z can't get any better... Can it? : This is without a doubt, one of the best DBZ DVD releases ever!! It gives both new and old fans a chance to see some of the most intense fights ever (Any true fan will agree the 1st showdown between Goku & Vegeta is one of the best). Either way, this is one of the best DVD's I've ever watched or added to my shelf along with the Dragon Ball Z movies, original DVD's and games. Looking forward to Season 2

Rating: 5:
Totally fantastic for the DieHard DBZ fan : I don't think I will do a review of Dragon Ball Z as a series, as if you're reading this you must have seen it and love it already. Suffice to say that this product is brilliant and I wanted to add my voice to the many who have already commented by saying as much.

If like me you care little for DVD extras and just want to get on and watch the thing then you might be put off by stumping up the cash for something that in all probability you could download, but really this box set is worth every penny. The language options, subtitles and re-edits aside, the most impressive aspect is the image and audio quality, perhaps its just me but its certainly better than anything you could download and seemingly to a higher standard to the original UK transmission.

I hope this is just the first of many DB box set releases available to the UK. It will save having to purchase the rather lame single DVD UK release to date which really are a bit of a rip off considering what you get.

Rating: 5:
Vegeta saga : When funimation said that they were going to release a re-master version of the vegeta saga i was like o come on. I had just already started collecting the first releases of the vegeta saga and now they were telling me that a better release of the vegeta saga was going on sale in febuary. The first time i had bought the re-mastered vegeta saga i was like yes o god yes... But when i inserted the dvd into my dvd player and started playing it i realised it could play on uk dvds player's as well as a multi region dvd player. So that got me thinking that funimation was thinking about the dbz fans in the uk. When i started playing disc one of the vegeta saga i was like what the hell is going on?

Meaning the intro was different including the instrumental what you hear during the episodes, and it wasn't American it was japanese! Now i have never really heard the japanese version of dbz but i just didn't like the background music during the episodes. If you perfer the American version of the dbz then it's best to go to subtitles and in it you'll see words saying original dbz or American version, if your like me then you'll pick the American version. This new Re-Mastered Vegeta saga comes in wide screen and let me tell ya the colours has really improved.

This dvd is being sold really cheap so your getting your money worths. With over 900 hours of dbz action and comedy and great proformance with all of the voice actor cast, this 6 disc dvds is going to be a huge it.

O ya if your a collecter like me then know this.... The Namek saga is going to be released in May. It's going to include the Ginyu saga as well so look out for that.

Rating: 5:
Finally, a consistent, well presented, all round excellent DBZ release! : After releasing the first two Seasons one DVd with Pioneer, FUNimation moved onto the rest of the series consistently. Then they went back to the first Series and released it again, under the very red Ultimate Uncut banner, and never even finished it!

This new DVD Season Boxes are the start of a consistent set, presenting DBZ in the Original US Broadcast Version Uncut, the Original Uncut Japanese and a new Uncut English version with the Original Japanese BackGround Music! This is a godsend for DBZ fans everywhere. It's consistent and purely Uncut (ignore the reviewer below, heavily edited as if) except for the next episode previews which FUNi weren't even given.

This is even better news for UK fans. Instead of having to spend loads importing US DVDs and facing evil postage costs and waits at times, this new budget release is the answer to all your problems. The epsiodes themselves are brilliant with almost no grain and far less blips and scratches than before. It's also Widescreen (which crops a bit but whatever) and in HD. This means bog-standard TVs will have some problems, but all UK DVD players, PS2s and Xbox consoles can play them, due to being Regions 1,2 and 4.

There are 39 episodes spead across 6 discs, all contained neatly in an orange brick (as referred to by Daizex) and the Discs are put on top of each other, which is bareable, but possibly annoying. The presentation on the Box and Menu is perfectly fine, the Extras are pretty good (For FUNimation) which covers the remastering process. There is also an insert, a little booklet with episode guides, character profiles and a bit messed up DBZ History timeline.

The Episodes are still brilliant, the ones you know and love in Uncut, with lovely looking footage (the new colours are ace) and the FUNimation voice actors instead of the Ocean Group (bleh). Plus the choice of three versions is great. So buy it now!

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