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Edward Scissorhands [1991] - 2.97

Edward Scissorhands achieves the nearly impossible feat of capturing the delicate flavour of a fable or fairy tale in a live-action movie. The story follows a young man named Edward (Johnny Depp), who was created by an inventor (Vincent Price, in one of his last roles) who died before he could give the poor creature a pair of human hands. Edward lives alone in a ruined Gothic castle that just happens to be perched above a pastel-coloured suburb inhabited by breadwinning husbands and frustrated housewives straight out of the 1950s. One day, Peg (Dianne Wiest), the local Avon lady, comes calling. Finding Edward alone, she kindly invites him to come home with her, where she hopes to help him with his pasty complexion and those nasty nicks he's given himself with his razor-sharp fingers. Soon Edward's skill with topiary sculpture and hair design make him popular in the neighbourhood--but the mood turns just as swiftly against the outsider when he starts to feel his own desires, particularly for Peg's daughter Kim (Winona Ryder). Most of director Tim Burton's movies (such as Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Beetlejuice and Batman) are visual spectacles with elements of fantasy but Edward Scissorhands is more tender and personal than the others. Edward's wild black hair is much like Burton's, suggesting that the character represents the director's own feelings of estrangement and co-option. Johnny Depp, making his first successful leap from TV to film, captures Edward's child-like vulnerability even while his physical posture evokes horror icons like the vampire in Nosferatu and the sleepwalker in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Classic horror films, at their heart, feel a deep sympathy for the monsters they portray; simply and affectingly, Edward Scissorhands lays that heart bare. --Bret Fetzer

On the DVD: Tim Burton is famed for his visual style not his ability as a raconteur, so it's no surprise to find that his directorial commentary is a little sparse. When he does open up it is to confirm that Edward Scissorhands remains his most personal and deeply felt project. The second audio commentary is by composer and regular Burton collaborator Danny Elfman, whose enchanting, balletic score gets an isolated music track all to itself with his remarks in-between cues. Again, for Elfman this movie remains one of his most cherished works, and it is a real musical treat to hear the entire score uninterrupted by dialogue and sound effects but illuminated by Elfman's lucid interstitial remarks. Also on the disc are some brief interview clips, a "making of" featurette and a gallery of conceptual artwork. The anamorphic widescreen print looks simply gorgeous. --Mark Walker

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
Awww : For some reason I never watched this film when I was younger but it's well worth seeing, even if you're now a 'grown up' like me. Beautiful film.

Rating: 4:
Very sad : I cried and cried after this movie finished. It was such a moving film but still very sad. It was quite dark too. I thought this should have been classified 15 not PG. This was a lot more nasty than Mr and Mrs Smith and Scary Movie 3 which were both classified 15. This is more of an adults film than a childs but nonetheless a brilliant movie. 4 out of 5.

Rating: 5:
"brilliant!" : This light-hearted, gothic fairytale is very original and highly entertaining. As ever Depp does a great job. A great film that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Rating: 4:
A classic : I bought this film in a sale for my partner knowing it would be her sort of film. I remembered watching the film as a child but i never really remembered any of the story line past it being about a man with scissors for hands.

I sat down grudginly to watch this film thinking i would probably find it boring but was very pleasently suprised to find myself enjoying it. I found that i cared for the characters and wanted things to work out well for them.

The music fits the film perfectly and helps to build and maintain the atmosphere of the film.

This is a film for the whole family to enjoy it is as great a film now as it was when it was released and manages to not look dated in the slightest.

Rating: 5:
Depp Stars in Burton Fairytale : Before Pirates of the Carribean, Johny Depp was better known in his role as
Edward Scissorhands. This is a very touching tale with a mixture of Frankenstein, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Beauty & The Beast.
Edward looks a menacing figure with his scissor hands but is really a gentle being with the mind of a kid. Ryder is his love interest and this film weaves a very innocent love story. The ending is memorable yet sad.
Shows that Depp shines when given the right script.Money isn't everything.

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