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Emmanuelle 2 [1976] - 3.98

In 1977, Emmanuelle 2 was unleashed on a world hungry for more soft-core adventures in the life of the insatiable eponymous heroine. The action has shifted to Hong Kong under a new director (Francis Giacobetti) with a new supporting cast, but Sylvia Kristel is on hand to reprise her performance as the limpid but voracious architect's wife. Emmanuelle herself is now a more assertive character having taken on board the lessons learned in her first outing. "Chastity is a lack of generosity", she was told. Now she is generous to a fault, sharing herself with a range of nubile acquaintances and a dashing smuggler under the approving gaze of her husband. She has some perky fun in steerage en route to Hong Kong, enjoys fantastic orgasms as a result of extraordinarily painful-looking acupuncture and gets turned on by a wittily fetishistic version of a What the Butler Saw machine. Of all the Emmanuelle films, this one best demonstrates why they have attracted a cult lesbian following over the years. Although the producers were obviously appealing to the male fantasy market on one level, the lesbian scenes are filmed with an honesty and frankness--the soft focus of the first film is more or less abandoned--which had never been seen in anything approaching mainstream cinema before.

On the DVD: Presented in widescreen 16:9 format, the picture quality of this film is sharper than its predecessor. Although the dubbing remains laughable, the dialogue is probably not the main reason for watching. At least the Dolby Digital stereo soundtrack gives full reign to Francis Lai's (a former composer for Edith Piaf) overripe music. The theme song is sung by Sylvia Kristel herself. The only extra is the original theatrical trailer. --Piers Ford

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 4:
Absolutely Sexy : This film is of cours a classic, incredibly sexy and plenty of nudity if thats why you're buying this film. Not the gretest story line in the wolrd but im sure its the erotica people watch it for and its full of that so you wont go far wrong buying this film. All the origional emmanuelle movies are extremely sexy, raunchy, and some of the scenes are very cheeky. I'm suprised these were acceptable when they were released. some very good scenes, very naughty.

Rating: 4:
Emmanuelle's adventures continue : After watching the first in this series I did not think anyhting could come close to it, this does an excellent job however. Emmanuelle continues on her sexual awakaning this time in the beautiful setting of Hong Kong with a more hands on attitde towards seduction. At times you wonder who is seducing whom and picture yourself under her caresses........

Rating: 5:
Some woman are just never satisfied... : Emmanuelle just seems to get more and more confused about what she really wants from life. Especially sexually. From the steamy first scene on the ship, where she is aroused by another female passengers' tale of woe - leading to Emmanuelle slipping her hand into the wanten womans knickers, to the erotic 'massage' scene and indeed the naughty but oh-so-nice final scene; we are taken on a rollercoaster ride of sexuality, sensuality and pure soft-core delight. A step up from the classic original. It's just a shame that from then on in, the series deteriorated and became a pointless exercise in milking money from the devout.

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