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Eurovision Song Contest 2007 - 13.99

Customer reviews (av rating: 2.0):

Rating: 2:
A neglected release of a great show : Everybody knows what the Eurovision Song Contest is, so this obviously needs no explanation. Most of the people who browses this product, probably saw the Helsinki 2007 show and thus know what content to expect. What they are unaware of however is how this DVD is pieced together, what it offers and what it sadly does not offer.

This release contains two discs, one containing the semifinal and one containing the final. Both shows are nicely divided into chapters, so you can easily to skip back and forth between the performances. However, there are - in my humble opinion - two significant issues with this release. The first and most important one is the picture quality. Even though the shows span two DVD9's, something went wrong in the production. The anamorphic widescreen presentation is quite clear and the framerate is smooth, but the picture is full of disgusting compression artifacts. I have monitored the bitrate during playback and it seems appropriate, so I am puzzled as to why you will have to endure mpeg-artifacts surrounding edges throughout the show. I have bought the 2006 DVD as well and it suffers from the same issues. Considering that the 2007 show was the first to be shot in Full HD resolution, the authors cannot blame the source material for the crummy end result.

My second quirk is the lack of lyrics/subtitles. I think it would have been appropriate to include a lyrics track for the audience to sing along, should they desire to.

Show: 4/5
DVD presentation: 1/5

Reviewers tilt: 2/5

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