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George Michael - Twenty Five [2006] - 9.98

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
Amazing : Having just been to the 25 Tour, I am madly in love with this DVD! Its the perfect reminder of a great night, and a truly excellent man. Buy it for the superb 'Outside' video!

Rating: 3:
DATED : Time has not been kind to the former Wham singer - his looks have gone - his hair is thinning - but still we have the songs - most are dated - but this compilation is worth having because it contains FAITH - along with Careless Whisper a truly - timeless pop classic...

Rating: 5:
Actually... : There weren't any videos produced for Waiting For That Day or The Strangest Thing - and Praying For Time existed as an MTV clip produced to compensate for the fact there wasn't one and ensure the song could still be played.

Rating: 5:
i think its a (AMAZING). : fantastic dvd.takes you back over your teenage days when wham were at their peak to georges solo career.forgot how good he is and what a varied song career hes had.sure to get you remebering what you were doing in your life when the superb CARELESS WHISPER was a hit.go buy it whether your a fan or not.

Rating: 4:
good but not complete : Fantastic dvd full of great song's and video's , even if your not a fan there are more than enough great hits on here for all to enjoy.
the only negative on the dvd is the logic of whoever decided on the actual song's .
"waltz away dreaming" makes it onto ladies and gentleman and this but you lose "praying for time" on either dvd is there a fan in the world who would pick the former over the latter i wonder?
"John and elvis are dead" is on this dvd but no "waiting for the day" another strange choice.
"round here" is on this dvd but no "strangest thing"
Great dvd but who forgot he had these 3 song's or thought waltz away dreaming was a better choice for a greatest hit's dvd than praying for time, waiting for the day, strangest thing.

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