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Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex - SAC 2nd GIG - Complete Collection [2005] - 21.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
GITS: SAC 2nd GIG : Unless you have watched the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex then I suggest you stop reading here and go buy the 1st GIG Complete Boxset - the 2nd GIG often refers to the original series.

Some time has passed since the Laughing Man case closed, and Public Security special unit Section 9 is moving on to new and greater challenges.

2nd GIG is, immediately, a lot darker and more serious than the 1st GIG, with the backdrop being a Japan on the verge of a civil war. Without spoiling too much, the 2nd GIG revolves around the refuges in Japan, with corruption and violence becoming more frequent between the refuges and the natives of Japan.

The 2nd GIG is a much more political-based season, however the animation has been improved for the 2nd GIG, and due to the fact that we know each character the season kick starts in a major way (no pun intended). Personally I found the first episode to be the best of the season, however they are all fantastic episodes (26 in total). It would spoilt the entire story to explain the opening episode so all I will say is that the Laughing Man case is over, and Section 9 are trying to return to normality despite the collapse of the Government in the first GIG.

The episodes are, as in the 1st GIG, split into several different sections - there are Individual episodes, in which short stories are told in the space of a single episode, there are Dividual episodes which revolve around the refuge issues, and there are Dual episodes, which is the main story in the season, revolving around Ghoda (I won't say anything about him as it's best just to watch).

The 2nd GIG is definitely darker and more politic-based, however the style of animation, the characters, and the great emotion that is put across through the gradually expanding story is compelling and enticing.

Without a doubt, if you've seen and enjoyed the 1st GIG then I recommend you buy this. The entire collection is just 30; I waited to buy this entire set as the 7 DVDs work out at about 70 when purchased individually.
The 2nd GIG for just 30 is a bargain, and cheaper than most shops. What've you got to lose?

Rating: 5:
Fabulous, another season plase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : Ok, I have always been a fan if the GITS universe, and when i started watching the SAC 1ST GIG i was a lttle dissapointed, it just seamed too light hearted to me to be taken seriously, and i was worried that 2nd GIG would be the same, however, I was surprised rather pleasently when I watched this set. The story arc in 2nd GIG seams more rounded and blanced, with the common thread of Goda and his CIS boys manipulating things.

With the exception of several standalone episodes like the one were we find out Pazu dosen't sleep with the same women twice almost all of the episodes are conected to one andother. the plot twist with Motoko and Kuze just had me going WTF! "No Way!" plus the way the the old cliche was turned on its head. plus the send of the Tatcikoma's got was just so heart breaking, in the end they may have proved themeselves more human then any of the other characters.

So any Anime fan should buy both box sets, aslo while watching fastforward through the end credits, and you will see some amusing little tachikoma hime movies! i missed them the first time and only noticed them when the batteries in my remote needed changing!

Rating: 5:
A brilliant work of genius : I was worried when I came to watch this second series of the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series that it wouldn't live up to it's predecessor but fortunately it surpasses the original series in every way. The animation is far superior to the first gig and the storyline, although somewhat convoluted in places, seems far more mature than its previous run. This second gig also includes some interesting background to a couple of the less seen members of Section 9 as well as some of the history of the world in which it is set. One of the things I like about this series is that it is not afraid to drop the action and have entire episodes dedicated to advancing the plot arc or philosophical musings. Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd Gig is a brilliant series and has jumped to the top of my list of best TV series ever.

Rating: 5:
2nd Gig. Twice as good. : I am a big fan of Ghost in the Shell ever since seeing the first film as a teenager and being blown away by it.

GitS S.A.C was always something I put off watching however. It was hard to find on DVD in my town and I was indifferent to most anime series at the time.

So I decided to buy the first season after seeing it in London for 25. I was impressed with it, but felt it lost itself and some of the episodes were a bit boring to say the least.

However I was impressed enough to order the 2nd Gig from Amazon pretty much as soon as it came out. And I was blown away. It's as if they'd somehow taken heed of all the problems with the first series and made something much better.

The episodes that have no bearing on the overall story are still interesting enough to hold your attention and the various movie homages are a very nice touch.

As far as the story goes, this series is far more broad in it's focus and politics. The official enemies, much like the first series, are not cut out villains but human beings with situations. The real enemy, like the first series, lies with corrupt politicians. But they are much more involved here. Making their retribution all so much sweeter.

All in all this series is a massive improvement on an already excellent show and it has what is probably one of the better finale's in anime history. Buy it.

Rating: 5:
This is the main course! Gutsy. Spine chilling. Brutally intelligent- it can only be 2nd Gig! : To begin, I must say buy the 1st Gig (Boxset) of Stand Alone Complex first.(you can read my review on 1st Gig if you are unsure.) It will orientate you better and prepare you for the shift in mindset, style and overal feel in SAC 2nd Gig.

SAC 2nd Gig is sleek, dark, gloomy, morbid and spine chillingly- beautiful.
the praise that I gave to 1st gig is warranted but this ....this boxset....is a work of art.And not abstract art like Picasso- this is craved to let you see and understand exactly what it wants to say to you. And that's what I find most interesting about it- it is saying something to you.Let me elaborate further:

SAC 2nd Gig continues where 1st Gig left off. Section Nine are still half operational and under the scrutiny of the government. Don't expect to find another Laughing Man case. Laughing Man was fantastic, mind blowing but in my personal opinion 2nd Gig is by far better, brutally better than 1st Gig. It makes 1st Gig seem....mediocre,like a light starter of soup and garlic bread. 2ND GIG IS THE MAIN COURSE.

2ND GIG talks about serious issues and not issues to deal with some futuristic world where human beings are losing their humanity due to cyberisation, that's a tertiary issue- if you want to hear thatside of things: watch the GITS and GITS Innocence (movies)and maybe 1st Gig.

2nd Gig talks about WAR.

It talks about information manipulation by the powers that be. It talks about terrorism, LIKE WE TODAY KNOW IT. It talks about suicide bombers. It talks about revolutions, with Che Guevara-like characters. It talks about how one person can cause a war that will affect millions- for his own gain! It talks about coup de'tats and Nuclear warfare.

This story is gut-wrenchingly good. It's a bit like 'The Manchurian Candidate' or 'Wag the Dog' but much much much better. It references films like Full Metal Jacket, Vanilla Sky and Wings of Desire. But that isn't what chills your blood- it's the fact that it references things like operation: Shock and Awe- yes, remember that, the bombings by America on Baghdad that officially started the war in Iraq. It's never said- it's shown alongside the kick ass plot.

"Ghoda" the one of the villains in 2nd Gig makes my skin crawl because he probably embodies some hypothetical congressman in America who could have pulled a few strings because he knew a few people and somehow managed to get America into Iraq. Of course there is no such evidence to prove such a man exists but it is still a spine chilling hypothesis made real by good writing.

"Kuze" another villain is the people's hero- and the ultimate terrorist. Throw away the concept of him brandishing an Ak47 with a base in some desert locale and sending video tapes to the news saying "death to the invaders"- for the most part he is a passivist, a LIKABLE but uncharismatic character, a bit of a "nostalgic" type, introspective and sentimental. Yet all the previous AK47 brandishing tactics I mentioned are present in one way or another.

The best part about 2nd Gig is that although it is an Anti-War story, it is NOT preachy. This is Ghost in The Shell and they are telling a story about Section Nine and their adventures (maybe 'misadventures' would be a better term) Section Nine, yes thee awesome section nine, has it's back against the wall for almost all 26 episodes- and it's absolutely believable. The villains are THAT powerful.

I would buy this boxset twice!( I live in an african country so the exchange rate doesn't favour me at all. )

If you are a ghost in the shell fan- you should have already pre-ordered this without even blinking (or reading this review)but BUY... IT... NOW!

If you are new to Ghost in the Shell BUY 1st GIG and BUY this too. There should be some amazon special price for the two boxsets. You won't regret it- Amazon is asking for chump-change for these boxsets.

This is what storytelling is and should always be. As much as I have written in this review- I have barely even touched on what makes this story so great.

Art imitates life- and Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig is art at its finest.

This boxset is a 7 star General in my books, a star for each disc.(Attention!...At ease soldier!)

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