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Ghost In The Shell [1995] - 10.97

The skilful blending of drawn animation and computer-generated imagery excited anime fans when this science fiction mystery was released in 1995: many enthusiasts believe Ghost suggests what the future of anime will be, at least in the short term. The film is set in the not-too-distant future, when an unnamed government uses lifelike cyborgs or "enhanced" humans for undercover work. One of the key cyborgs is The Major, Motoko Kusanagi, who resembles a cross between The Terminator and a Playboy centrefold. She finds herself caught up in a tangled web of espionage and counterespionage as she searches for the mysterious superhacker known as "The Puppet Master."

Mamoru Oshii directs with a staccato rhythm, alternating sequences of rapid-fire action (car chases, gun battles, explosions) with static dialogue scenes that allow the characters to sort out the vaguely mystical and rather convoluted plot. Kusanagi's final quote from I Corinthians suggests that electronic evolution may compliment and eventually supplant organic evolution. The minor nudity, profanity, and considerable violence would earn Ghost in the Shell at least a PG rating. --Charles Solomon

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 4:
mind blowing : this film looks absolutely phenominal. it would take a fool to deny that.
the plot is a bit of a mess about cyborgs and mans obsession with technology and it goes slightly off the rails when it gets a little too profound for its own good in the middle half hour of the film and feels a little preachy for my liking.
but it looks soo good that you dont tend to notice as you just want to soak all the detail and atmosphere of the screen into your being!!
approach with an open mind and i think you will enjoy this creative masterpiece

Rating: 5:
the best animation ever seen : ghost in the shell can only be summed up in one word :excellent everything in it is perfect the graphics and animation is absolutely breathtaking.

the plot is very well thought out although a little bit confusing at times.

also some of the minor pieces in the film are amazing for example: in the titles a series of binary codes sweep across the screen which is actually the name of everyone who took part in making the story.

if you would like a place to start with in anime I heavily recommend this and even if you do not like anime i would still recommend this it is absolutely perfect.

Rating: 5:
Astonishing Anime : This is perhaps the 2nd best sci-fi anime movie ever made, coming in only just behind Akira. Having watched many of the SAC 1st gig episodes I can say that the movie is much better, this is an absolute must see for any fan of Sci-fi and anime. You can truly see where many modern day sci-fi movies took influence when you watch this movie, in particular The Matrix, but even The Matrix does not manage to do what this movie does, buy this movie now and prepare to be astonished.

Rating: 5:
A sophisticated and breathtaking masterpiece. : As a relative newcomer to the anime genre, this was the first such movie that really blew me away with its deep, moving plot and beautiful imagery.
Although the opening scene does feature nudity (well, almost), and quite a bit of gore, this isn't just a crude way of grabbing attention- it serves as a very useful introduction to the main character (the Major). Of course, it took me a few viewings to realise this, so don't be put off if you don't understand right away.
Plot-wise this film is quite heavy going, and although I had no problem keeping track of events, the underlying metaphors again take a while to spot. However, even the first time, the story is gripping and original, and you will want to see it through to its unorthadox, if slightly unsatisfactory ending.
My favourite thing about this film is the breathtaking imagery, which still stands out as above the norm today. The shots of the bright, shining city contrasting with the stagnant decay that undercuts the whole of civilisation is both beautiful to look at and thought-provoking.
The characters are very well developed, and I personally prefer the film's versions of them to that of the Stand Alone Complex, as they are developed far more subtly.
Although the Americanised dub is quite good, you really ought to watch this with the Japanese voice to get the full, original meaning that the director intended. That said, I thought that the American voices were very well suited to the characters; it's just that some of the meaning is probably lost in altering the script to make it more suitable for a Western audience. The music is consistantly good, occasionally rising to great, although it never stands out as anything too special.
So, overall, this is a beautiful and thought-provoking film, that still stands head and shoulders above most anime in terms of maturity of content and visual techniques. It is an amazing, haunting film, and deserves your audience. Just don't expect to get it the first time round.

Rating: 4:
i dunno what to say that hasnt already been said but my thoughts are as follows................ : This is a masterpeice film that stands head and shoulders above the rest of its kind it has an adult story but that dosent meanloads of gory violence and sex it means its a verry mature film with a verry mature story that questions life and existence

in comparison to akira it stands up quite well and even has a lot in common the whle next evoloution of human life (in akira it was super humans here its cyborgs and computer programs that litterlly come to life) theres the questioning the meaning of existence theres a politcal backdrop and an anti climax ending

a lot of people keep comparing this to james cameron but this is no terminator infact it borrows quite heavily from (or is inadvertently simular too) bladerunner if your looking for an animated terminator/universal soldier type thing you should hunt out shirows earlier anime M-66 its a poorly animated but still a great little action movie

i loved this film but my only problem with it is theres just not enough of those breath taking action scenes

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