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Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - 10.97

Mamoru Oshii's landmark Ghost in the Shell (1995) largely defined the cyberpunk genre and influenced the Matrix films in the U.S. The long-awaited sequel continues the adventures of Batou, Major Kusanagi's former assistant, who was left behind when she disappeared into the cyber-realm of the Net.

With his new human partner, Togusa, Batou investigates a series of bloody murders involving gynoids, robots with sexual functions. The case leads them to the headquarters of the Locus Solus company, where Batou uncovers the evil secret behind the creation of the gynoids. Innocence includes some staggeringly beautiful CG images, especially a parade depicting characters from Chinese mythology. Oshii contrasts this glittering beauty with a Blade Runner-esque dystopia. But even his skill as a director can't disguise the fact that the underdeveloped story and flat characters are far less interesting than the opulent visuals. --Charles Solomon

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 3:
Ghost in the Shell Reloded & Revolutions : For me I feel Innocence suffered in the same way as the Matrix Sequals. Both Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix were good action films with a bit of subtle philosophising if you wished to pick up on it (which I did) however as this had been made an important part of the origionals due to it's excellent (subtle) handling, the sequals therefore felt the need to retain this but they struggled with how to handle it.

In the Matrix sequals they just talk really quickly so that you don't (immediately) realise they are just waffling. With GITS: Innocence, the philospohy looses it's subtlty and a lot of it just seems to be cliched staments rather than anything that made me go off and ponder as the origional did.

Regarding the rest of the film although it is in the univesre of the first film, I found the storyline to be closer to the TV series, this may have come from the mixture of CGI and cell animation. Although both were visually brillant I would have preferred the directors to have picked one format and stuck with it. In saying that though, they did handle it well with the switch to CGI being used for visual asides and ambience moments whilst the charcter shots use cell art.

In Summary this is a sequal and falls into the trap of trying to follow up a brilliant origional. Although it is not as good as Ghost in the Shell, it is still a good enough film to enjoy a few times as long as you are not expecting the mastery shown in the origional

Rating: 4:
Region 1 DVD : I live in the US and was unfortunate to pick up the region one version, which has no English track and contains "hearing impaired" subtitles, quite annoying. So I'm here on Amazon's UK site ordering region two.

I just have to say that Dreamworks really dropped the ball on this one, and they still have not released an English dubbed version for the US.

Rating: 5:
A must buy !! (slpalmer) : I will keep this straight and to the point, this is a Great dvd..Good plot, great characters,soundtrack & visuals superb.If thare was any critiscism it would be say its quite profound and thought provoking (believe it or not some people just like endless fight scenes) so if you want an all-round Entertaining movie with fantastic special effects to boot ,BUY this masterpiece...

Rating: 2:
Not for me. : I want to start by saying that I loved the first Ghost in the Shell movie. I thought that it was brilliant, funny, very cool and had my eye balls cemented to the screen the whole way through. This however, did not.

Right from the get go I felt like this film was missing something. It just didn't grab my attention like the first one and it never did. There is far too much talking for one thing. That's not a bad thing though. In fact, a lot of my all time favourite films are ones where nothing ever happens. But that only works with a good script and this film just didn't have one. There is far too much debating of philosophical issues, interesting to some i'm sure, but not my thing unless it is done very well. It wasn't and I have to say this film was a dissapointment.

Some people will love and that's great for them. It just wasn't my cup of anime.

Rating: 4:
Strangly Facinating : As expected, the sequel to one of the most famous manga of all time packs amazing visuals, classic Bato moments, funny at unnapropriate times and head scratching scenes. A lot to follow, so if you didn't understand the first dont watch this.

The key flaw i found with this is that there are a few moments where characters had a lot of dialogue and where just standing there, i know many animators do this in series of manga but this is inexcusable in a high quality film, but luckily the film is still a stunning peice of work.

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