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Gone With The Wind (4 Disc Collector's Edition Box Set) [1939] - 4.97

First off, if you're a GwtW fanatic, you must buy this four-disc collection. But then again, you probably don't need to read this to make that decision. For the rest of us, know that the kitchen-sink approach has been established here with two full discs of extras. The film's restoration under Warner's brilliant Ultra-Resolution process is the major contribution to the set. However, the bare-bones version released years ago isn't bad and the film still doesn't pop off the screen as do films from the headier days of Technicolor (like the earlier Ultra-Resolution DVD release of Meet Me in St. Louis). That said, the set is worthy of the most popular movie ever made. Rudy Behlmer's feature-length commentary is dry but an exhaustive reference guide to the entire history of the film. Need more? There's the excellent full-length documentary The Making of a Legend (1989) narrated by Christopher Plummer, plus two hour-long older biographies on the two main stars. There are many new vignettes on the rest of the cast, all narrated by Plummer (a nice touch to tie everything together). The new 30-minute interview/reminisce with Oliva de Havilland will be interesting to older fans, but tiresome for the younger set. The usual sort of trailers and premiere footage is here along with a curious short ("The Old South", directed by Fred Zinnemann) that was produced to help introduce the world to the history of the South. --Doug Thomas

Customer reviews (av rating: 5.0):

Rating: 5:
A classic epic ....digitally remastered. : That Gone with the wind is one of the greatest epic movies of out time is not in doubt but what may be in doubt is this four-disc collector's edition. If you are a fan of Gone with the Wind and you already have copies of the video and DVD, you may wonder why you should buy this one? This 4-disc collector's edition has been digitally re-mastered for the 65th anniversary from restored pictures and audio element. Being a special collector's edition it is packed with tons of bonus features.

The first and second disc contain the epic movie part one and part two respectively with commentary by film historian Rudy Behlmer. As you know this movie is very long but well worth its weight in gold with ten Oscars to its credit including best picture, best director and best actress.

Disc three and four contain bonus features. Disc three contains bonus features about the movie and these include -The documentary the making of a legend: Gone with the wind narrated by Christopher Plummer; Restoring a legend chronicles the photochemical and video processes used on this 65th anniversary edition transfer; the 1939 and 1961 Atlanta Premiere Newsreel; Prologue from the International Release version; 1940 historical short subject `The Old South' directed by Fred Zinneman, Trailer Gallery 1939, 1961, 1967, 1968, 1989 (the 50th anniversary reissue ); Foreign language version sample scenes and much more.
In disc four we get so see bonus features about the Cast and these include - Melanie remembers: reflections by Oliva de Havilland. - An exclusive 2004 documentary; Two insightful profiles: - Gable: the king remembered and Vivien Leigh: Scarlett and beyond; The supporting players - cameo portraits of an unforgettable ensemble. This is a must have DVD collection for all fans of Gone with the wind.

Rating: 5:
Top 10 films ever made : The American Film Institute recently rated this film #4 in the 100 best american films ever made and I have to say that its certainly in my top 10. I'm 25 and this film has always been one of those that your mum goes on about, how wonderful Vivien Leigh is as Scartlett O'Hara, how gorgeous Clark Gable is as Rhett Butler. It's all so true though! This is nearly 4 hours long but keeps you gripped the whole time - so much happens, and so much time passes, that you are drawn in, and for that short time, become part of Scarlett's life as she longs for Ashley Wilkes (wonderfully played by Leslie Howard) but marries three other men, the last being Rhett. We the audience can see how perfect the two are for each other, but Scarlett just won't see it - not until it's too late anyway ( or at least 'tomorrow is another day'). Get your hankies out now!

Rating: 5:
The Greatest Film Ever Made : This is my favourite film of all time, so forgive me if I tend to be a tad biased. Everything about this film has been said thousands of times already - yes, it's long. Yes, it's melodramatic and yes, it has been compared to a soap opera - but no soap has ever yet had a heroine like Scarlett O'Hara! It's set during the American civil war but it is not a war film, the story is about Scarlett and her love for the wrong man. The tragedy is when she realises this, far too late. Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable (Rhett Butler) were absolutely the right choices for Rhett and Scarlett and you cannot imagine anyone else playing their roles (although some gave it a try, see the screen tests on the bonus DVD). The ultimate chick flick - Get your tissues, a bar of chocolate and a comfy sofa and indulge.

Rating: 5:
Well Worth The Wait! : Wow! I accidentally came across this new DVD version of Gone With The Wind whilst browsing in the shops. I have previously ignored other DVD versions, because they didn't put any special features on them which disappointed me deeply. I always knew that eventually a DVD with special features would be released, and it has now been released in style with this edition.

I was very excited when I saw it contained 4 different discs. It contains 'The Making Of A Legend' which I saw on TV previously. It is a highly enjoyable account of the story of the making of GWTW, and the most avid fan will enjoy it immensely. It shows behind the scenes shots of all the stars, and some of the auditions starring other populars actors/actresses of the time. It is interesting to see this, and compare their performances to those of the stars of the film.

Being a massive Vivien Leigh fan, I was very pleased to see that one of the discs contains the Vivien Leigh documentary 'Scarlett and Beyond' which is lovely.

There is also a great recent interview with the brilliant Olivia De Havilland. She looks amazing for her age, and her account of the making of the film is spellbinding. She is a very interesting lady.

The overall quality of the film is brilliant. It is almost as if the film was done in recent years. The details and colour is much more superior to any editions before, and you notice things that you didn't notice before. The colour of Vivien Leigh's eyes is more vivid, and you can see that her eyes are actually green, and not the blueish colour that they have on previous versions.

If you love this film then buy it. If you're a mad GWTW fan, then definitely buy it, you would be a fool not to. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!

Rating: 5:
Truly memorable : The significance of this film is absolutely overwhelming. The first film to win a significant number of academy awards (9) including Best Picture, a record number in it's time, unchallenged until Ben Hur came along some 20 years later and worth every one of them! Also, the sheer scale of the film was something unrivalled for a long time and is still rarely challenged by any of its contemporary counterparts.

The story itself is complex and wonderful to watch over the 4 hours. Right from the start, we meet the central character of Scarlett O'Hara, a spoilt brat, beautiful, wealthy, naive and self-centred. Every man wants her, and the only man she wants is due to be married to another woman. As she has to face her whole world torn apart by war, we see her emerge as a working-class girl, then transfromed into a busineswoman and finally, through some dubious means, restored to the life she lost and feels she needs. These transitions are given a lot of screentime, with many memorable characters between. Notable among these are Mammy, Ashley Wilkes, and of course Rhett Butler, played wonderfully by Clark Gable. The two leads elevate this great film to something approaching what many feel to be cinematic perfection. This is a film you will find in any 'Top 100 movies' list and will only ever read 5 star reviews of it from any source.

There's so much to say about this film that can't be covered in this review to do it justice. The brilliant music, the innovative cinematography, the dazzling effects. Thank goodness that Warner Brothers have supplied us with a 4-disc set so we can appreciate not only the film itself, but also the huge undertaking/labour of love that it was for all those involved in the making of it so many years ago.

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