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Grand Prix (2 Disc Special Edition) [1966] - 2.97

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
great bargain : Just bought this dvd for under three pounds from Amazon. This must be the best bargain ever. Not only do you get the complete film as theatrically released in the cinema (usually shown on tv in a much cut version), but a superb second disc with several interesting features about the making of the film, footage of the f1 races during the sixties and interviews with drivers of that era.

The only drawback is that you have to change discs to see the complete film, as this original print could not be accommodated on disc one, but hey so what! This is a minor quibble at this price. If you like motor racing, especially in the days when you could actually see overtaking, get this dvd while it's on offer at this giveaway price.

Rating: 5:
The best Motor Racing film ever made! : What a superb film. Considering the year it was made ('66) and the technology that was available in the 1960s, John Frankenheimer captured the fantastic world of Formula 1 racing along with a story of morals and love. The more times I watch this film, the more details I notice, everything about the racing is so beautifully done, the attention to detail is amazing, the characters are perfectly played by the terrific actors. A true timeless classic.

Rating: 5:
Some of the most impressive 60ies Grand Prix Footage on film : Having only been realeased earlier this year this cronicles the Grand Prix season of 1966 using actual footage from several races in that season especially Monaco,Spa and finally Monza.

Originally director John Frankenheimer wanted Steve McQueen to take the role played so well by James Garner but on his arrival at the film set he took exception to certain members of Frankenheimers production crew,people he had worked with in the past and for some reason had no desire to work with again.

James Garner as we are told in the superb bonus disc equipped himself so well under Caroll Shelbys tuition back in the states that had he not chosen acting as a career could easily have become a professional racing driver.
At the begining of this film we see the highlites of the Monaco Grand Prix.In the sequences where Garner appears he is actually driving a formula three car at race speed and it is evident in his skill that he was indeed an accomplished driver.

The film shows us how dangerous Grand Prix racing was over 40years ago.
The drivers of that era Graham Hill,Jack Brabham and even the great Juan Manuel Fangio make cameo appearences in the film.Graham Hill even has a few words to say aswell.

The story of the film sees James Garner driving for Ferrari and other teams vying to become World Champion.Due to wreckless driving Garner is dropped from the team only to be signed up by none other than Toshiro Mifune the owner of a Japanese team.

In 1966 the Japanese had yet to make a presence in Formula one but with Garners brilliance he takes the World title but under misfortunate circumstances at the final race at Monza.

This film before its eventual release onto Dvd had a loyal following by film goers who realised what a brilliant action film it was.
It was so good that it took away three Accademy Awards in 1966 for cinematography.

If the film was not enough then the bonus disc should really cement this box set as a classic.

It includes interviews with Garner and other stars and also some magnificent docummantaries of racing in the 1960s.

The bonus material is so good it could easily stand alone as a top entertainment disc,but we are indeed fortunate to have it as a bonus disc.

This film for its race sequences is quite remarkable,once seen never forgotten.We see todays technological racing marvels controlled by computers but back in the sixties racing was a great deal more dangerous with more than one death a possibility throughout the season

If this revue has not wetted your apetite just look at the bargain price this twin disc is being offered at.This disc has not been on the shelf for years collecting dust but is a new release.If people realised how good the action sequences were then this disc would sell in great numbers.

Frankenheimers skill as a director is so great that it was he who directed the car sequences in the exciting Robert De Niro film "RONIN".

If that is one of your favorite films then Grand Prix is sure to delight you.

Rating: 4:
A film set in a moment of time : I agree with everything the previous reviewer has said. The racing footage / sound and special effects are as good today as when they were filmed nearly 40 years ago. The film print is a very good transfer and the cars are just beautiful and you won't see races like that ever again. However the film and the people are very much set in its time. Once off the race track, which is okay in places, it is mostly dull.
There are about half a dozen documentries which adds value to this 2 disk set.
It's odd that in this day and age you look back and think why it was considered acceptable for nearly 2 - 3 drivers to be killed each GP season. As someone says, he used to wake up each Monday morning to hear on the radio who'd died the day before.

Rating: 4:
Great DVD, Shame About the Film! : 'Grand Prix' is stunning technical achievement, with memorable racing footage, excellent sound, and really good DVD extras. It also features a fairly miserable plot and some hammy and wooden acting, but these can't take away from the best car racing film ever made.

The film puts across well the danger, excitement and spectacle of this era of racing. The extras, including a really interesting 'making of' and interviews with surviving 60s drivers like Dan Gurney, Stirling Moss and Jack Brabham, are alone worth the admission price. Such a film could never be made now, of course, so this will never be bettered.

Keep an eye out for cameos by Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt and Jack Brabham.

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