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Grease [1978] - 3.98

Grease was a phenomenal hit with its target teenage audience when it was released in 1977. The songs dominated the pop charts and brought heady success for its lead actors, John Travolta (Danny) and Olivia Newton-John (Sandy) despite the fact that--as with their energetic co-stars--their own teenage years were some way behind them. As they seize the chance to relive their schooldays, their verve and enthusiasm explodes from the screen. The real class, though, comes from Stockard Channing as feisty Rizzo and, in a couple of cameos, wisecracking silver screen actresses from yesteryear Eve Arden and Joan Blondel.

Based on the 1972 stage show and adding several new numbers, Grease is at heart a rites-of-passage movie with plenty of feel-good moments and a euphoric buzz. "You're the One That I Want", "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and "Summer Nights" became the soundtrack for a generation of high-school students on the cusp of adulthood. Today, it looks like a pastiche of those 1950s Connie Francis rock & roll beach films. But the steady stream of double entendres and knowing body language render it more accessible to the less innocent late 1970s. It's overwhelming nostalgia for anyone in the vicinity of 40.

On the DVD: The 25th anniversary special edition of Grease rolls back the years: the 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen presentation transports you instantly back to fifth-form heaven in the local fleapit. The Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound ensures that the songs--ever the staple of MOR radio--complete the nostalgia trip with real zip. The main extra is a short series of fond reminiscences from the actors and director Randal Kleiser, actually filmed for the 20th anniversary. --Piers Ford

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.5):

Rating: 5:
How could anyone NOT love Grease? : This just has to be one of the top films ever made. Great acting, storyline, music and everything else.
The sogns are addictive, you will end up singing them for days afterwards, but thats fun!
Buy it, you know you want to!

Rating: 5:
An enduring classic : The film that turned John Travolta from a superstar into a megastar... Grease is also the first album I ever bought and the first film I saw at the cinema, so this film is about more than music and dancing, it's nostalgia. Strangely, nostalgia was one of the overriding factors in its success - it was a fond look back at the 50's from the 70's, deliberately using older actors so that older viewers would be able to relate. And this is the strange thing - the film actually has some quite 'adult' content and themes, yet was considered a family film. As a child I didn't quite get all the references but even I sussed there was something fishy going on with that hotdog bun and something a little 'adult' about going to 'flog your log'. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are the perfect foils for each other and the rest of the gang are not 'filler' they are all distinctive and handled with affection. The songs are legendary and will likely outlast all of us. John Travolta and the Bee Gees could do no wrong back then - and unless you were there it's hard to imagine just how huge they were and just how vicious the backlash against them was. Grease tackles age-old themes: virginity, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, image, the school dance and the trials and tribulations of High School. Everyone can relate to it in some way, and even if you couldn't, it would still likely get your foot-tapping. You really should have this in your collection.

Rating: 3:
Grease is OK Musical : Grease is an ok Musical Its not the Best Musical in the World it Good I will see this a Certin Time.
For Me High School Musical is the 100% better and Than Grease The Songs are Catchy but the Acting and Storyline is a bit OK but i thought it would be better

Rating: 5:
Brilliant Soundtrack and adaptation of hit play : Grease is the story of Danny Zucko and Sandy Olsen (or Dumbruski) two high school seniors who fall in love over the summer. They have a wonderful summer together and are sad to see it end. The first day of school arrives and little does Danny know him and Sandy would soon be reunited. But Sandy is shocked to find the nice guy she meet at the beach is the leader of a greaser gang called 'The T'birds' Meanwhile Sandy is trying to fit in with her new "friends" the T'birds female counterparts The Pink Ladies. Will Sandy and Danny ever be together again? Along with this plot comes song that will be stuck in your head for centuries. Such songs include Summer Nights, Beauty School Dropout and the now famous song Greased Lightining. Grease is a timeless classic that will have you singing and dancing by the end of the movie.

Rating: 1:
Just awful! :
Did anyone actually watch this twice, i sure
didn't, i sent it back!!!

The acting is cheesy, it makes
it pethatic! The songs
aren't cathchy or addictive!!!

And the finale song
made me puke in the

No decent thing
about this,
seriously crap!!!

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