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Grey's Anatomy - Series 2 [2006] - 33.98

The medical drama's second season could be diagnosed as bipolar; in other words, it got much worse and much better at the same time. Whiny, self-involved surgical intern Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), arguably the weakest spot in the otherwise likeable ensemble, had already left viewers annoyed. But season two, in which Meredith coped with being dumped by her married McDreamy (a.k.a. neurosurgeon Derek, a.k.a. Patrick Dempsey) by excessive drinking, sleeping around, gazing like a sad puppy and--unforgivable!--breaking the heart of longtime admirer/friend George (the cuddly T.R. Knight), could have alienated audiences for good. (Seriously, sometimes you want to shake the girl and feed her some cookies.) Thankfully, what Meredith's storyline threatened to derail was held together by some emotional episodes, including "Into You Like a Train," in which a pair of strangers are impaled together on a metal pole, and "Much Too Much," featuring a mother's quintuplets in critical condition. But the standout show that turned Grey's Anatomy into a television force came with a two-part episode involving a "code black" lockdown when a live bomb is housed inside a patient.

Romance also remained key to the staff at Seattle Grace: Steely Cristina (Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh) softens, to her great dismay, as her relationship with Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington) gets serious; Izzie (Katherine Heigl) pairs up, then breaks up, with Alex (Justin Chambers, the villain of the cast if you had to name one) before falling in love with flirty, tender heart patient Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Derek and estranged wife Addison (Kate Walsh, who somehow managed to win over Meredith-McDreamy fans despite being the Other Woman) make attempts at fixing their marriage, and Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson, easily a standout) tries to balance a medical career with mommyhood. Even George finds a new love with orthopedic surgeon Callie (Sara Ramirez). The season wraps up with a weeper of a two-part finale, set at the hospital during a "prom" (it's complicated). But with the fancy gowns and tuxes, tears and romantic tension, leading to a crossroads for Meredith and Derek, you can bet the episodes are a delight for any Grey's fan. The show also continues to rely heavily on narration (not a good thing) and soundtracks (a good thing), using tracks from artists before they hit it big (KT Tunstall, Brandi Carlisle, Snow Patrol).

Customer reviews (av rating: 4.0):

Rating: 4:
Season 2 Grey's Anatomy : The show is fine, but the boxset itself just didn't cut it. Putting in disc 1 which says episodes 1-4 on the case, and seeing on the main menu episode 5 is so offputting.

Rating: 5:
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!! : Ok i know i already reviewed this item but i didnt really explain what its about so i decided to write a different one!

Well it starts off where Meredith has just found out that Derek is married! She is incredibly angry, upset and shocked!(Naturally)
Derek tries to deal with the arrival of his astranged wife Addison and Christina deals with finding out that she's pregnant after being cruelly dumped by Burke! (And all of that happens in only the first few episodes!)

Season 2 is just as good if not way better than season 1, as things get alot more complicated for the interns and their superiors!

From George's pining and Izzie's quirks to Meredith's depression and Derek's pure jealousy; like when he punshes Mark for simply talking to Meredith! there is something for everyone in this season as we discover just how strong Derek's love for Meredith truly is!!!

I cant go without mentioning the AMAZING two-part-bomb-epiode entitled "The end of the world" and "As we know it". From the very get go you are glued to the screen as you are desperate to find out if the bomb blows or not!(You might be surprised by the answer!) As we watch the interns struggle with the fact that there may soon be a death among them, we are on the edge of our seats as we feel likem we really are in Seattle Grace Hospital!

I dont know what more i can say about this item except that from the very beginning to the heartbreaking ending(literally!) you will not be dissapointed!!!

Rating: 5:
Wow : I'm not usually a fan of hospital dramas, but ever since I caught an episode by chance I decided to buy this as I really, really wanted to see what happened next. The characters in this are all complex, and unlike most other dramas, they all have their flaws which is compelling & leads you never knowing what's going to happen next. The storylines themselves are original and well-written, with humour and drama being balanced which is refreshing. It also has an amazing soundtrack, and I for one found it hard to stop watching episode after episode! Definitely would recommend this to anyone, it'll at the very least raise some smiles, tears and all the emotions in between. The visuals are also incredible!

Rating: 5:
Brilliant mix of comedy and drama : An absolutely awesome drama series from the opening credits to the closing scenes in the season finale,
Let me clear something up the numbering on the dvd is not wrong it's based on the american showing of the 2nd season, in america the 1st season only contained the first 10 episodes and the final 4 were shown as part of season two, so in terms of the american season episodes 1-4 are the british episodes 11-14 of season 1, don't let bad reviews based on this problom stop you from experiencing a must see experience

Rating: 5:
WATCH IT NOW!! Addictive....the best drama ever!!! : Wow! how good? I think the story is great (serious & funny) and characters brilliant, especially Mcdreamy.I have never watched a series so quickly and felt so fed up when it was finished!!! Everyone on the street are fans and just as desperate to get thier hands on it.I was so desperate that I managed to track down season 3 and just finished it today....it just keeps getting better! ENJOY! !!

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