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Hannibal Rising [2007] - 11.98

Though Hannibal Rising's Lecter (Gaspard Ulliel) is a pussycat compared to Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs, this sequel's story of revenge is grizzly enough to satisfy lovers of Thomas Harris's epic tale. After young Hannibal (Aaron Thomas) is forced to watch his little sister, Mischa (Helena Lia Tachovska), devoured by starving soldiers in his homeland Lithuania, Hannibal vows to avenge his sister's death by slaying those who committed not only war crimes against the Lecters, but also against other families during WW II.

In detailing Hannibal's revenge plan, the film investigates the psychological implications of witnessing cannibalism to justify Hannibal's insatiable appetite for human flesh. The most interesting aspect of Hannibal Rising--its analytical connections drawn between Hannibal's childhood traumas and his murderous adult obsessions--is also the film's weak point. The links oversimplify Lecter's complex character. For example, though titillating to see flashbacks of Lecter's sister hacked up and boiled while Lecter visits a Parisian meat market, the reference is too obvious. One learns why he excels in his medical school classes dissecting cadavers, and we're given explicit explanation for why he slices off and eats his victims' cheeks. The story only complicates when Hannibal interacts with his sexy Aunt, Lady Murasaki (Gong Li). When Murasaki educates him in the art of beheading, the viewer sees Hannibal's sword fetish as a manifestation of physical lust. --Trinie Dalton

Customer reviews (av rating: 3.5):

Rating: 3:
Review : I couldn't wait for Hannibal Rising to come out on dvd. I am a great fan of Thomas Harris, especially the Hannibal lecter series, Red Dragon being my absolute favourite. However, I sat down to watch it eagerly, and to be quite honest, I was quite disappointed. The detail and suspense that Harris put into the other books was brilliant, but this one seems to have been rushed to finish the whole story off. It was very predictable. I have since read the book, which may I add is good, the film leaves quite a bit of the story out. Saying this though, it won't put me off reading Harris' new books, I think he is a great author.

Rating: 5:
Superb!!! : I have always loved Hannibal Lecter films. I have been waiting a long time for this film and I wouldn't be disappointed with this film or any of the films other that have been made. The screenplay was written by Thomas Harris and it couldn't be written by anyone else but the creator of Hannibal Lecter. This film shows how and why Hannibal became a cannibal and what turns a small loving boy into a monster he became.

If love horror films and you are thinking of buying this film? DO because you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 4:
Teenage Hannibal, so don't expect genial brutality : This is a film that reveals the birth of Hannibal in the child known as Aaron Thomas, who was unfortunate enough to experience the sacrifice of his little sister. More raw and direct rather than stylistically brutal, this installment of Hannibal is a simpler depiction of how it all started, and fittingly so, for it all must have started in simple terms before it got complicated and intriguing. Hannibal needed time to develop the complex professorial character that made him so thrilling, and this is before it happened... this is the emergence of a tormented soul that will find solace in repeated and increasingly brutal sacrifices that he commits with his own hands and teeth. This is Hannibal Rising, so expect to see a gradual and straightforward progression into evil through a story that provides roots and justification to the monster that will eventually emerge. And emerge it eventually does, in all its bloodcurdling glory. Hannibal... ecstasy through redemptive monstrosity! Would you blame him? Maybe not, not anymore. Would you fear him? Abso-bloody-lutely!

Rating: 3:
Hannible the no so cannible : I was looking quite forward to seeing Hannible Rising since i've enjoyed all the other installmants,Red dragon being my favorite.But this latest effort is well,quite boring to be honest.all the other films had you at the edge of your seat,where as this one just makes you slide off it snoring,it just goes on and on.In the end you dont really care what happens to any of the characters,see it if you've seen the others otherwise i wouldnt bother

Rating: 3:
Review : Please read the book Hannibal Rising to truely appreciate the film.

I feel the film rushes the book somewhat, missing the tricky twists and turns that makes the book a true addition to the hannibal collection.

However when watching the film alongside the book, it is well produced, with its only downfall being lack of time to include all the details Thomas Harris intended there to be.

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